About 100 (out of 450 at our founding) newly minted co-owners of The Devil Strip Local News Co-op making faces after our inaugural shareholders’ meeting, held at the Akron Civic Theatre on Feb. 19, 2020. (Photo by Ashley Kouri/The Devil Strip)

Our Vested Co-Owners

Vested co-owners are those who have given The Devil Strip at least $330 and own a lifetime share of the magazine.

We’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to our vested co-owners for their support.

Note: If you know you’re a vested co-owner but don’t see your name on the list below, please email our Membership Director, Jessica Goldbourn, at jessica@thedevilstrip.com, as we may only have your email address–not your name–due to the way our sign-up process functions.

Our Vested Co-Owners:

Mark Auburn

John Ballard

Elizabeth Bartz

Andrew Beard

Chris Bennet

Beth Boggins

Jane Bond

Ed Brown Gina Burk

Christopher Butler

Brian Caperones

Dominic Cardarelli

Donae Ceja

Angela Chaffin Miller

Akron Coffee

Megan Combs

Julie Costell

Jeff Davis

Byron Delpinal

Emily Durway

Chris Eck

Jason Eshelman

Bob Fadon

Dominic Falcione

Sam Falletta

Jay Fazek

Regan Ferrell

Alyssa Figueroa

John Fitzpatrick

Tim Fogel

Jess Forrest

Jeff Fusco

Melinda Gallaher

Tom Ghinder

Anne Giffels

Kelley Gifford

Michael Gintert

Mark Goodan

Don Gordon

Ryan Hankins

Barb Hanselman

James Hardy

Heather Johnson

William Jordan

Kara Kirby

Siobhan Kirn

Jonathan Knapp

Beirne Konarshi

Margaret Kreider

Michelle Krocker

Sandra Kurt

Jennifer LaFleur

Tom Lesiczka

David Lieberth

Jeff Lingel

Bill Lowery, Realtor

Denise Lundell

Rachel Martin

Christine Mayer

Carol McCullough

Martha McNamara

Steve Millard

Yoly Miller

Codie Millhone

Carley Millhone

Barbara Marie Minney

Deborah Monaco

Elaine Moore

Rick Murphy

Mary Murphy

John Nicholas

Chrisitan Odadzin

Janet Palcko

Colleen Pallone

Ryan Rimmele

Julie Robbins

Katie Robbins

Arrye Rosser

Emily S. Durway

Adam Schmitt

Laura Shawlson

John Stegall

Hillary Stewart Nagy

Michael Terry

Bronlynn Thurman

Brett Treier

Arnold Tunstall

Wendy Turner

Anoo Vyas

Jeff Walter

Yuvonne Webb

Janis Worley

Audrey Worthington

Jeff Worthington