Our founding Board of Directors

Audrey Worthington, board chair
Dr. Philathia Bolton, vice chair
Sharetta Howze, secretary

Three seats on the Board of Directors are reserved for the following positions: Small business owner; working artist; and worker assembly representative for an individual who has earned voting rights in The Devil Strip Local News Cooperative through their contributions. (Active full- and part-time staff are ineligible for a board position.)

April Couch, small business owner

Dominic Moore-Dunson, working artist

Emily Dressler, worker assembly representative

“As an artist and entrepreneur, it is important to be involved in the uplifting of artists along their artistic journey. I see The Devil Strip as an integral part of the journey, and I’m honored to be a part of it all.” – April Couch, artist and founder of Totally Tangled Creations.

“The Devil Strip launched when I was living in Washington, DC and from the get-go inspired a new level of homesickness in me. Now that I’ve re-rooted here, I’m looking to play a more active role in supporting local businesses, alleviating food access issues and generally making Akron a brighter place for residents of all backgrounds.” – Audrey Worthington, TRIAD Account Manager

“I want to help ensure accurate and important news coverage of Akron’s vibrant and growing immigrant community. The news reporting will provide a network for the immigrant community to connect with crucial resources they need to improve their lives.” – Bhakta Rizal, Executive Director of Shanti Community Farms

“The Devil Strip has become a staple in the Akron arts & culture community. The way information is shared and reported brings people around Akron together. By creating shareholders, Akron can invest in its own narrative in a way that has never been explored.” – Dominic Moore-DunsonAssistant to the Artistic Director & Company Member of Inlet Dance Theatre

“Writing for the Devil Strip has been the easiest and best way for me to be involved with my community and the City of Akron. Being on the board of directors will make it that much more fun!” – Emily Dressler, writer and editor for The Devil Strip, co-creator of the Urine Luck column and proofreader at Geometry Global.

“As an educator, I am keenly aware of the multitude of ways we are educated and informed. The Devil Strip has emerged as a vital entity not only for informing but also for connecting people. The way this paper makes visible certain conversations, and involves people in ways that strengthens the community, is what brings me to the table.” – Dr. Philathia Bolton, professor of American literature at The University of Akron

“My over 18 years at the Akron Beacon Journal in community relations and involvement roles reinforced my love for and strong belief in newspapers, journalism and a free press. I believe the Devil Strip can contribute greatly to making the Akron area a strong, vibrant, connected community.” – Rita Kelly Madick, retired ABJ community relations director

“I was drawn to The Devil Strip because of the art on the magazine, but I became a fan and avid reader because of the sense of community I felt while reading it. I appreciate the fact that it gives everyone the opportunity to let their voice be heard.” – Sharetta Howze, Bounce Innovation Hub program coordinator; founder of Cr3ative Expressions Brain Injury Support Group  

When you’re ready to join a community of people who are committed to making Akron a better place to live, become a co-owner of The Devil Strip!

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