Community Partnerships

The whole reason The Devil Strip exists is to make life better in Akron, Ohio and the surrounding areas, but we can’t do it alone, nor would we want to even try. As our membership program for individual readers of The Devil Strip has been growing rapidly, our client services team has been developing a version for the small businesses, nonprofits and civic groups who give our city its character.

It’s called the Community Partners Program, and the idea is simple. We want to help our local organizations flourish, not just survive. We think we have a lot to offer, but instead of shoving square pegs in round holes, we’re going to start by asking questions and listening, which is the same approach we take to produce our community-focused journalism.

We are currently piloting the Community Partners Program with 15 local, independent businesses in the Middlebury neighborhood, supported by Habitat for Humanity of Summit County with a grant from Republic Services. However, we’re also lining up partners for the next round. So, if you’re interested or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

You’ll soon find an interactive page with answers here, but for now, you can email Anna Adelman or fill out this contact form below.

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