Join The Devil Strip Co-op

You can own a share of The Devil Strip for just $12 a year, as long as you have an Ohio address.

Since Nov. 1, 2019, anyone can be a co-owner of The Devil Strip, as long as they’re 18 years old, living in Ohio and either paying at least $12 a year or have become a fully vested member. That’s because we are the first community-owned local news cooperative in the United States.

Co-owners get to vote on important issues that shape our future, join a committee or serve on our our Board of Directors.

You become a fully vested member, which makes you a lifetime, permanent co-owner, once you’ve paid in $330 total or earned your share as a contributor or staff member.

If you live outside of Ohio, we can’t offer you ownership, but you do get access to some member perks and, of course, your financial contributions support our efforts to make Akron a better place to live.