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Anti-Racism Resources

Several people have written to us, asking what they can do to help bring about change and support our Black neighbors.

One of the most important actions non-Black folks can take is to educate themselves on systemic racism and privilege. Below, we’ve compiled a list of books, podcasts, movies, documentaries, and journal prompts to facilitate anti-racist education and discussion. We’ve also included a list of organizations that support people of color, many of which are Akron based, but a few of which are statewide. If you’re able to do so, donating resources can make a difference.

Talk to your parents about this. Talk to your children. Talk to your friends.

Listen to Black voices. Support Black-owned businesses. If you’re in a position of privilege, use it for justice. Black lives matter.

To Donate

To Read

For Kids to Read

To Watch

To Listen

To Ask Yourself (adapted from the Chicago Bucket List)

  • How can I support people of color in my community?
  • Growing up, what was I taught about race and culture? How have my thoughts and feelings changed or grown?
  • What are my local politicians’ policy on ending police brutality?
  • How do I plan on helping the fight to end systematic oppression and racism?
  • How can I engage in conversations with others to bring about progress and encourage anti-racism?
  • How can I be anti-racist rather than merely “not racist”?
  • What do I still need to learn more about?
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