Photo by Ilenia Pezzaniti


Our mission is to celebrate the people, places and things that make the greater Akron area unique. We do that by focusing on three things:

  1. Telling stories about the people who embody the best of our city.
  2. Finding and advancing ideas that help cities prosper.
  3. Connecting people to each other, to this great city and a greater sense of purpose.

As a result, we tend to attract a lot of the kinds of Akronites who love to eat, play, shop, drink and think local. So, if you want to be part of that this group of active, engaged, dedicated and loyal Akron-lovin’ folks, let us know. We’re a bit picky about our ad partners because we want to be on the same let’s-do-great-things page, but we’re open to a conversation with anyone.

The Devil Strip will refuse ads that we deem exploitative, are sexually explicit or intended to promote goods and services that are illicit or potentially illegal.

Though it isn’t illegal or necessarily illicit to enjoy things in Cleveland or Canton, we are an Akron-first publication and reserve the right to refuse advertisements for businesses, goods, services, art, entertainment or anything else outside of Summit County. Exceptions to that rule are made on a case-by-case basis.