Member spotlight | Laura Fink

By Allyson Smith

Laura Fink is one of Akron’s many “transplants,” moving here from Pittsburgh after graduating from the College of Wooster in 1987. She now works as the Senior Director of Development at the Akron Community Foundation.

Three years ago, Laura and her fiancé moved from the suburbs of Akron into Highland Square. 

“We bought an old house and did some renovations to it, and we love the look of the old house,” Laura says. “It’s a fantastic neighborhood. Everybody is so nice and there’s diversity there and we love that as well.”

Laura loves living in a “walkable” part of the city and says if it hadn’t been for the COVID-19 pandemic, they would have hosted a band on their porch during PorchRokr, like they did their first summer in the neighborhood, when a barbershop quartet performed on their porch during Stage Fest. 

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In her free time, one of Laura’s favorite things to do is to explore different parts of Summit County’s park system. She and her fiancé have been exploring different parts of the Buckeye Trail, a 1,440-mile trail system that goes through the whole state of Ohio. Fifty-five miles of the Buckeye Trail are here in Akron. They also enjoy cross-country skiing at the Horseshoe Pond and seeing live music at the G.A.R. Hall when possible. 

Laura explains that she and her fiancé decided to join the co-op because they want to directly support the media they enjoy.

“I have a pretty good sense of what’s going on in this community but it always surprises me, if you move just right outside of this five-mile radius, a lot of people really have no idea what’s going on in this community and what a cool place it is. And that there’s a lot of really good people here who are trying to make this community better and you’re kind of telling their story,” she says.