Member spotlight | Heather Love

By Allyson Smith

If Heather Love had to put a label on themself, it would be an “anarchist witch through and through.”

For Heather, that means working with crystals or tarot, spending time in nature and helping the community anyway they can.

After growing up on a 1,000-acre property where they were free to explore nature, Heather moved to Akron to live in the Merriman Heights and Highland Square neighborhoods. 

“Small towns just aren’t as friendly to LGBTQ, so not only do I identify as queer, but our youngest child identifies as queer in a way as well. So it came down to safety. Akron is a very safe space for us because we just kind of go unnoticed. There’s other families that are similar to ours so no one really bats an eye,” they explain. 

The Devil Strip is a not-for-profit, community-owned news cooperative. We rely on your financial support to make it possible for us to provide coverage of Akron’s artists, musicians, nonprofits and small businesses. As a member, you can help shape the direction of The Devil Strip and of the city.

Heather and their family spend a lot of their time exploring the different trails of Summit County’s metroparks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on “anything with two wheels.”

“We love Cuyahoga Valley because we ride motorcycles. We’re big cyclists. So we try to ride, that’s usually the route we take, is through the park,” they say.

Before the pandemic, Heather and their wife used to volunteer at Lock 3 in the summer. 

“It was a great excuse to leave the kids at home, to have a date night, to not spend any money and we usually ended up pooling tips at some point in time, at least enough to buy fast food on the way home.”

Heather decided to become a member of the co-op because they felt it was another way to contribute to the community, and it reflects their own views.

“I don’t care what USA Today has to tell me. I care about what’s directly impacting me. Where does the community need help? What’s going on that’s great in the community? What voice am I overlooking or not understanding? And I think that’s what The Devil Strip does,” they say. “We waste more money on gas station stops and Redbull. It just makes sense. Where’s our money going and how is it impacting, not only us, but maybe our membership is what keeps it free for everybody else.”