Member spotlight | Ginnie Abell

By Allyson Smith

How many people can say they are fourth-generation residents of any city?

Ginnie Abell can. She has spent almost her whole life, with the exception of 10 years, living in Firestone Park. For those 10 years outside of Firestone Park, she lived in North Hill. 

Ginnie has lived in the same home in Firestone Park since 1974. She still remembers when the neighborhood was out in the country. 

Although she is retired, Ginnie has kept herself very busy in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. She used to be the Director of Infection Prevention and Clinical Safety for Summa Health System.

“I do keep in touch and consult on occasion,” she says.

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Since she retired, Ginnie has stayed very active by volunteering. Prior to COVID, Ginnie volunteered at Findley Community Learning Center, tutoring first graders. 

“Now the first of my first graders are now going into fourth grade,” she says. Sometimes she is able to volunteer remotely. 

Ginnie is also on the advisory chair for the Cole Family YMCA, involved in the University Park Neighborhood Network and passes time by taking adult focus classes at the University of Akron. She has taken classes covering European history, Greek mythology, Greek literature, and Women’s Studies. 

When she was taking classes during the Fall 2020 semester, Ginnie said she felt “like a mother hen” to the traditional students, helping them navigate living through a global pandemic and stressful election season.

Ginnie is also active in other organizations in the city. She is very active in Ward 7 and the University of Akron’s Cameos of Caring Program, which recognizes the contributions of nurses in the area and raises money for scholarships for nursing students. She also participates in the Century Homes Association, which tours and helps preserve older homes in the Akron area.