Perspectus Photo by Roger Mastroianni

Member spotlight | Elizabeth Corbin Murphy

By Allyson Smith

Seattle. New York City. South Bend. Wisconsin. Vermont. Ontario. These are just some of the places that Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, a current resident of Akron, has lived in her lifetime. 

Despite living in so many amazing, different places, “we actually settled in Akron on purpose,” she explains. 

Growing up, Elizabeth moved around with her family and siblings. The first move of her choice was to South Bend, Indiana, to attend the University of Notre Dame. There, she met her husband and moved to New York City.

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“The people are friendly in Akron. It’s been a wonderful place to live all these years and I’ve lived in lots of places. We have been in the same house on the same block in Akron and have had wonderful neighbors and it’s a well-kept neighborhood,” she says.

Now she lives in West Akron and works as a historic architect. 

“Most of the buildings I touch already exist. Some of them are historic in nature. Some of them are just old. But we understand the rules. So there is kind of an international standard for how you treat historic structures and our studio is well-versed in those protocols and so we work with clients and with other architects to assist them in bringing old buildings back to life,” she explains.

Elizabeth’s dog, Hero, was also a bit of a local celebrity. You might recognize Hero and her sister from Thirsty Dog’s Hoppus Maximus label. Thirsty Dog co-owner, John Najeway, knew the dogs because Elizabeth’s family lived next to his father, so they decided to get them together for one of Thirsty Dog’s first labels.

Elizabeth was also on the first women’s rowing team to win a trophy for Notre Dame. Now, she relives those memories by rowing with alumni friends, when it’s safe, and rowing with the Portage Lakes Rowing Association.