Member spotlight | Bob Gippin

By Allyson Smith

Bob Gippin, a lifelong Akron resident, has spent most of his life devoting himself to political and civic causes. 

As a Buchtel High School student, Bob was the president of the polita-club. 

“So I’ve always been active politically. I’m a Democrat, progressive, and very proud of it,” he says.

Bob was also a member of the first Summit County Council. 

“We were ahead of the curve I think… I was on the very first county council when it came to being in 1981… But we were way ahead of the curve with charter government and that kind of thing. So I think Akron, Summit County, really, is an exceptional place,” he says.

Bob also served as a county judge and as president of the Summit County Progressive Democrats, where he is still an active member. 

“Things I get involved with, I tend to go into them entirely. I don’t really do half-measures,” he says.

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Like many other life-long Akron residents, Bob “knew what devil strip meant before the paper came out and I’m delighted with it.”

“You know, I find Akron to be something of a hidden gem and I’ve lived in other places and I know enough about other places that I think I can compare it,” he says.

He loves the community, culture, and kindness that can be found in Akron, all within a short drive of everything Cleveland has to offer as well.

For Bob, who loves journalism and also subscribes to a variety of local news outlets, becoming a member of the co-op was an obvious decision.

“We really need journalism that’s willing to ask the hard questions and increasingly, the Devil Strip is doing that,” he explains.