Member spotlight | Alex Draven

By Allyson Smith

Is the ring on your finger or watch on your wrist made by Akronite Alex Draven? Alex has his own jewelry company, The ExCB. Each piece is handmade by Alex himself. 

Alex first started making jewelry as a student at The University of Akron Myers School of Art. 

“I always knew I didn’t want to have a real job, so I started doing that. I could never find a watch that I really liked, that really suited me, so for one of my projects, I made a watch and it all kind of spiraled down from there,” he explains.

At first, Alex only made one-of-a-kind pieces. When he got faster at making them, he was able to create more jewelry and more of the same kind of piece. He would spend all day working his day job and spend all night making jewelry. 

“It got to the point where my side hustle and hobby, the job was getting in the way of that, so I left and haven’t looked back since,” he says. 

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Now Alex serves on the Board of Directors for Crafty Mart as the head of the vendors’ committee. 

“I had no idea in 2009, who would have known I would be here because of Crafty Mart. They take care of you,” he says.  

As a resident of Fairlawn Heights, Alex appreciates living in the country, but also being so close to stores and activities. He also gets to witness the antics of his dog, Paige — like the first time she saw deer.

According to Alex, Paige looked confused and slightly horrified.

“Now, everyday, we have these big windows in the back and she just loses her shit. That’s a thing that happens every day,” he laughs.

Alex appreciates The Devil Strip because it shows him new businesses coming to town but also, “it’s more of the news and more of the news for people like us, what we’re interested in.”