Member spotlight | Shannon Wagner

By Allyson Smith

Shannon Wagner likes to think of herself as a “conduit for people to find each other.”

Since 1996, Shannon has worked as a recruiter and currently runs her own human resources consulting firm in addition to working as a recruiter at Akron Children’s Hospital. 

Her career and her big family who lives in the area make Shannon feel well connected to members of the community. 

She has lived in Akron since she was 2 years old and has spent time living in many different neighborhoods. 

“I’ve lived in Goodyear Heights for four years, but over my lifetime, I grew up in Stow. I’ve lived in Fairlawn Heights, Portage Lakes. I’ve lived off Copley Road, the Lane Wooster neighborhood, I’ve lived in North Hill,” she explains, “And the thing I like most about living in Akron is the diversity.”

In addition to being a conduit for people, Shannon has a fearless attitude and uses that to be an ally.

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“I am very progressive from a social and political standpoint…I find myself speaking up for people or animals, just anyone who doesn’t have a voice. I find that I am kind of OK with using my voice,” she explains.

She also uses that voice to help others feel like they aren’t alone. 

“People need to know that they’re not alone and whatever I can do to help say, ‘Hey just so you know, I went through this rough patch too’ or whatever I can do to make people feel like they’re not alone is what I try to do,” she explains.

Shannons says highlights of locally-owned businesses are some of her favorite stories to read in The Devil Strip. 
“I live on the Brooklands and [The Devil Strip] did an article about the Brooklands Bar, the speakeasy. I know Craig [Sipe, owner of the Brooklands Bar]… and whenever I walk my dog in the morning, he’s always super excited to show me the improvements he’s made,” she says.  “You can tell it’s by Akron, for Akron. It doesn’t feel like it’s some big-city newspaper. The tone of it is very much how we are here. Being from Akron is just a huge part of who I am and I love that, I love that we have our own little paper.”