Member spotlight | Kenny Averiett

By Allyson Smith

Kenny Averiett is an enthusiastic person who uses his zeal to bring people together and encourage the community. 

His main channel for this is within Akron’s DIY music scene, as a committee member for the PorchRokr festival and resident of the Oakdale House, where Kenny and his roommate, Adam, used to organize house shows. 

“I love bringing people together. I think that’s probably my biggest passion –– escapism or giving people the outlet to escape,” he explains. 

Even though he has moved around and traveled a lot, Kenny says the people he has gotten to know by being involved with events like Porchrokr is what keeps him in Highland Square. 

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“I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people who own the properties in the neighborhood, just knocking on doors. The first four or five years or so, we were just doing a lot of footwork by meeting people and I got to meet a lot of the neighborhood people,” he explains.

Kenny also believes that Highland Square’s diverse population contributes to its eclectic atmosphere. 

He also appreciates the way Akronites value collaboration, especially in the art and music scenes. 

“There’s like five different music and art scenes and everyone gets along with each other. Everyone kind of intermingles and goes to each other’s events and plays at each other’s stuff, and other places like Cleveland and Columbus, from what I’m told, aren’t really like that… I think Akron just has that energy that has more collaborative effort across the city,” he says.

Kenny says he became a part of the co-op because of The Devil Strip’s efforts to cover subjects that traditional news may overlook.

“Watching The Devil Strip move in a certain direction and embrace parts of Akron that other publications or other media outlets have ignored for years and they’re making… a concentrated effort for that.” 

In his free time, Kenny has been learning guitar, piano, writing haikus, and raising his cat, who he says is “pretty cool.”