Member Spotlight | Ray Roos

by Allyson Smith

If you used to visit 69 Taps in downtown Akron, you might recognize a former bartender, Ray Roos. 

After graduating from the University of Akron, he spent a couple of years living in Canal Fulton and Solon, but he’s glad to be back in the Akron area, and his “old stomping grounds.”

In addition to working as a design engineer in Hiram, Ray is earning a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and living in Copley. 

“I definitely like how quiet it is. It’s a very comfortable area to live in. Nothing crazy goes on here too, too much, which is good for where you want to live,” he says. 

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Ray describes himself as a “straight-up nerd.” During his undergraduate career, he was a member of the Aero Design Team. Today, in his free time, he utilizes his engineering skills outside the workplace by working on his car and building models. 

“I used to design, build, and compete with aircrafts… that was definitely a highlight of college and my life experiences,” Ray says.

Ray is really grateful that he and his roommate decided to return to the area. 

“Just being back in Akron felt really nice, where we know where everything was already. We’re closer to friends. It’s really nice to keep the college group together,” he says.