Member Spotlight | Sarah Urbank

by Allyson Smith

Sarah Urbank of Cuyahoga Falls grew up in the area, living in what used to be Northampton Township. She graduated from the University of Akron with a B.A. in English and minored in women’s studies. It was in these classes that she met two of The Devil Strip’s reporters, Noor Hindi and H.L. Comeriato, who inspired her to become a member of the co-op. 

“What I thought was really cool, that made me sign up to be a member, was the fact that some of my classmates that I graduated with were doing something that was really cool and meaningful, and not just for their careers, but for the community,” she explains. 

The Devil Strip is a not-for-profit, community-owned news cooperative. We rely on your financial support to make it possible for us to provide coverage of Akron’s artists, musicians, nonprofits and small businesses. As a member, you can help shape the direction of The Devil Strip and of the city.

Sarah passes the time with hobbies that she feels are nerdy, but are also pretty cool and unique. For example, she participates in Doctor Who watchalongs on Twitter and contributes to Doctor Who fanzines. Doctor Who is a British science fiction show that has been airing on and off since 1963, following the adventures of a time traveler and their companions. Right now Sarah is working with a team on a review about Doctor Who books that were published in the ‘90s. 

With all her free time due to COVID-19, Sarah has been working with her dad to restore a 1949 Ford 8N tractor, which she plans to paint purple, instead of its traditional red. 

She says her favorite stories in The Devil Strip are those that cover new local businesses in the area and as of late, stories that cover housing, since much of it is happening down the street from where she lives.

“It’s nice to actually see someone cover in-depth what that means to the community,” she says.

Sarah loves spending time with her dog, Tegan, playing the ukulele and cosplaying.