Member Spotlight | Anthony Crislip

by Allyson Smith

A lot of you will probably recognize Anthony Crislip from the Nightlight Cinema and his introductions prior to the theater’s virtual showings.

Anthony moved from Rootstown to attend the University of Akron. There, he got involved with programs like the 2380 Film Club.

After graduating, Anthony started working at the Nightlight and from time to time, works on various short films and projects with his friends. 

“Even if I haven’t done it quite to the scale that I originally imagined, I’m still really proud of a lot of what we’ve done. A lot of videos I’ve done with [Mo Turk], I’m proud of. Doing short films with my friends, most of which kind of run the gamut from goofty to silly. It’s just a really fun thing to do,” he explains.

Anthony says there are a lot of things to love about Akron, from its scenery to the people. 

“I just love how it looks. I love how it looks. I love the sense of community. I love…. the way everything is tied together, it almost feels ramshackle in a way, but in a good way,” he says.

One thing Anthony really appreciates about Akron is all the opportunities for hiking.

“Growing up in the country, I always loved doing that, and when I moved to Akron, I didn’t think there was any way to do it. But one day, I went to the metro parks and just walked around for 2 or 3 hours. And again, I didn’t really know how much that was in the city. One day you just realize it’s there.”

One of Anthony’s favorite things about The Devil Strip is the way the content comes from a small staff, but also many contributors and people who simply love Akron.

“It goes to show what it means to people because they’re willing to put that work in.”