New Year, New Resolutions

By Jayke Brown

If you are like most people, your New Year resolutions will be traditional. Traditional as in losing weight, make more money, travel more, etc. This year, let’s get out of traditional and break into something new. I am a fan of remembering traditions of the past but moving forward with change. Saying this, I choose my new year resolutions as follows.

1) Spend more quality time with my family.

2) Publish my third book.

3) Do a big project with my daughter.

4) Disagree with my spouse less.

5) Try to achieve these resolutions, like they are dreams!

The first one seems easy but can be quite tough. The best way I have started this is by making sure we have a family day, always, every week. Even if it is just a night after work or an entire weekend day, we are making this time to spend together. As for what we do, with hair in the wind (or grazing across my bald head), we just go with it and let adventures happen. Our first of this new year was to find a mall we had not been to. We ventured around an hour northeast of us and found the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor. It was a wonderful gem to find and my family and I cannot wait to visit again.

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The second of publishing my third book is almost a reality as I am already on final edits. Fingers crossed, it will be out soon, and hopefully a success! 

The third resolution is a big project with my daughter that we actually have been talking about doing, we just never started it. This year is the perfect time. She wants to be like daddy, and publish a book too. We have an idea already put together and she is going to illustrate the entire book. I am so proud of her for wanting to be ambitious and make this a reality!

Disagree with my spouse less…well! Honestly, we have a lot of differences, but those differences also make us stronger. With this stated, we always have things we will disagree about. Every marriage does and in the years since we have married, it has gotten better as we listen to one another more, make compromises and just keep remembering why we got married to start!

Lastly, the fifth, to achieve resolutions like dreams is almost expected. If you are going to set yourself goals or resolutions, you do so with the intent to do them. I feel so many people start and stop, but if I make it a dream of mine, then I am guaranteed to follow through. You can and should also. 

No matter what this year brings you, remember you make it what you want it to be. You crave your own path and, in essence, your own successes. So, what are your resolutions this year?

Jayke Brown is living life to the fullest while being a daddy, husband, author, caregiver and friend to everyone he meets.