Coffee Talk with Vanessa Michelle | Space of infinite possibilities

Writing by Vanessa Michelle

Last month I posted a video on my Instagram about an epic realization: We are infinite in the amount of hope and possibilities available to us. 

Let me explain. 

Every week I fill out my planner. Specially crafted for goal tracking, it’s called The Passion Planner. The first few pages are all the months listed horizontally in black and white. Toward the bottom of each page are blank spaces and a title that reads “Space Of Infinite Possibility.” 

I use this space as an area to journal about my current goals. It’s a great exercise to stay accountable for the month.

The blank space is huge — no lines, no bullet points, just space. I feel as though the area is an invitation to brain dump, which is perfect for me. In most situations I like to write with zero formality. As I recently began considering what I’d write, I started examining the title: “Space Of Infinite Possibility.” I repeated the title several times outloud. I started to analyze the words and their meanings. Each word transcends goal-setting. I started breaking down each word in the context of life as a whole.  

The idea of space felt so comforting. Imagine having all the room to be open, limitless and vulnerable within any “space.” Our culture talks a lot about creating safe spaces. I think this is a response to the idea of inclusivity — playing off the idea that space is created for openness and understanding, in order to resolve tough issues, professionally or personally. The word infinite just sounds bigger than life, and ongoing. 

Once I landed on possibility, the realization hit me all at once.

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The space of infinite possibilities is bigger than just a prompt for monthly goals. It’s a statement of personal inspiration. We are the spaces of infinite possibilities. Our existence and power exceeds limitation in any way. We all have the tricks and talents to create whatever we desire, even if we do not yet have the tools and resources. But the question is, are we accessing the piece of us that’s infinite, free-flowing, and ready for limitless possibilities to come our way? Are we seeking the right resources to help us acknowledge what’s possible?

I think anything is possible, but it takes time to understand and trust it consistently. I’m not consistent in believing possibilities always exist. Sometimes I get nervous that something could happen, like my computer crashing, my family getting hurt, and the list goes on. 

I’m generally optimistic, I promise. But it’s been a consistent practice to be and feel positive. With all the political tension, the pandemic, and the state of our country as a whole, I can’t deny that being optimistic about possibility and hope seems super ambitious. Right? 

We have the capacity to make what is possible real. Our goals and desires, even in the midst of a pandemic, are possible. I am possible. My goals, my love, my relationships, my faith, my hope for good is possible. I’ve made space for these things, and I want to continue making space for more, even if I feel fearful about it. 

I mention fearfulness because, whenever we open ourselves up to new experiences, we take the risk of having to be vulnerable. Sometimes vulnerability can be easy, depending upon experience, and sometimes it’s hard. For instance, I’m making more space in my heart for love. That is not at all easy. I don’t really even know how to do it. It’s not just a romantic love, but that of family and friends. I want to open myself up to nurturing my relationships with more love, emotionally and physically. So that includes more calls, visits and support. Opening my mental and emotional space for that is so damn vulnerable. I think that’s actually the reason why I haven’t pursued it on a deeper level. Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking about how nervous it’s making me to write this in an article that thousands of people are going to see. 

But the benefit of submerging my intention into the possibility of giving and getting deeper love outweighs the embarrassment.

I wanted to remind you that our hope for a better future is still alive! Regardless of COVID, an election year and bars closing at 10 pm (ha). There is still space to think and do anything we dream! There’s been such a shift in our culture this year, from conversation about racial divides and inclusivity to travel bans. There’s been so much uncertainty and a lot of lifestyle adjustments. It’s so much easier to make adjustments when you have time to prepare for them. I feel like the world has been hit with a tsunami since the spring and we are still trying to recover. 

You are not powerless in the midst of uncertain times. Your passion is still needed, your love still matters, your life is still valuable, and your dreams still matter. You are the space of infinite possibilities. So what do you want to make possible for the new year?

Vanessa Michelle is a full-time YouTuber who has created a platform for creatives everywhere!  Her journey to journalism started at the University of Akron, where she was an on-air personality and TV host for WZIP-FM and ZTV Akron. Vanessa has been featured in local publications as “The Oprah of YouTube” and one of Akron’s most unique entrepreneurs.