Santa says…

by Jayke Brown

Santa is definitely one of my best friends. Especially last Christmas when my daughter was struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. We enjoy finding Santa at different locations around Ohio, and on this particular day, he was visiting the North Canton Holiday Festival in downtown North Canton. 

It was such a fun festival with an area for kids to play, some joyous shopping, warm hot cocoa, caroling, a luminous tree lighting, and of course, Santa. Right before we were in line to see Santa, somebody got a heavy dose of sassy mouth on her daddy. She had dropped her hot cocoa, which is fine as accidents happen. When I asked her to pick up the cup and throw it away is when the sass started. My mini-me was telling me no and how much she did not like being here, being rude as rude can be.

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I still told her to pick the cup up and throw it away, which she eventually did, but also reminded her that Santa hears and sees everything. Remembering where I was, we decided to get in line, sass and all, to see Santa. When we got up to him, there were smiles for the pictures and then Santa asked, “Have you been good?” She was sitting there smiling saying “yes,” while I am behind my daughter shaking my head “no” very clearly for the big man in red to see. 

He caught my drift and just reminded her how important being good is. When done, Santa gave every kid a candy cane and a small gift, but instead of handing them to her, he handed them to me. He looked at her and I clearly still remember that he said “I know you had a bit of a not-so-nice night, so your dad can decide when you can have these.”

While leaving, I could not help but smile and thank Santa as he just made my night so much easier, and actually almost a whole week sass free. It was great! Also, don’t worry, she got her items the next day.

Being this time of year, we as parents or parent roles, have to be creative in what we do. Not only to enjoy the season but also to not let our kids get away with things. This time of year is hard, as there is a lot going on and a lot of excitement. Always remember: Your kid is a reflection of you and to raise your kid in a correct way, boundaries are expected and adhered to.

The biggest thing I want to say here is don’t let them get away with it, even during the holidays! 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Jayke Brown is living life to the fullest while being a daddy, husband, author, caregiver and friend to everyone he meets.