Big Eu’es BBQ, reviewed by Akron kids

words and photos by Paul Treen

So, BBQ… meat cooked in a complicated spice rub, cooked for hours on end, then doused in sauce and served up hot. In Akron, we’ve been introduced to fancy comfort food, adding spices to stuff you don’t expect. (I’m talking to you, Crave!) We kids still need classic barbecue and comfort foods, and you can find that at Big Eu’es in Cuyahoga Falls!

Okay, it is worth the drive, as it is delish!!! Big Eu’es has the triple threat: pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. Did I mention their ribs won third place in the 2017 Bob Golic (former player on the Cleveland Browns and personality on WNIR) Rib Burn Off?

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Their proprioriter is Eugene Wilson, son of the original Big Eu’e, who always wanted to open a restaurant which served his special barbecue. Big Eu’es is a tribute to Wilson’s father’s dream of opening a restaurant to serve his Cuban-inspired recipes. They have been at it since 2016.

When you enter, you will be amazed by the smell. It is mouth-watering!

I got the pulled pork sandwich with fries. Dang. It was delicious. Davey got the brisket sandwich with macaroni and cheese. He thought it was amazing. Mom got brisket (no bread; she’s gluten-free) and coleslaw (why do they call it that?) Same results. Amazing. We also had fried pickles, which were very good. Their sauce is sweet and tangy. We missed out on pigeon peas, which are special beans shipped in from Miami, where Big Eu’es gets the Cuban specialty ingredients. They have greens and dirty rice, too. Next time we’ll switch it up and give those a try. 

While their dining room is currently closed, Big Eu’es plans to open in the fall. Business has seriously picked up since this virus started. Be a part of this! You won’t regret it.

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