Sisters launch to promote 330-made goods

by Lauren Dangel

When COVID-19 took hold of the world, the 330 was not immune to the chaos. But sisters, Northeast Ohio natives and entrepreneurs, Shannon Repp and Lisa Fawcett, saw an opportunity in all of the craziness. The two saw a chance to shine a spotlight on local businesses and started, an online store carrying food, clothes, tech accessories and more from Northeast Ohio businesses. 

Check out the site and stock up on Akron Honey or Nosh Butters or bling out your collection of accessories with some new earrings by Susie Kays Design. No matter what catches your eye, you can take advantage of curbside pickup or home delivery every Saturday. 

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Shannon and Lisa could not ignore the struggles of the businesses in their community, they say.

“ was really born with the idea of simplifying the ‘Shop Local” movement. Our goal was just to bring these companies together under one online roof,” Shannon says. 

Lisa adds that “Everybody’s just looking for a new avenue to meet their customers.”

Are you an Akron area business owner and interested in selling your product through Head to the website and fill out the online contact form under the “Sell With Us” tab. 

It’s always fun to support local businesses, but it’s easy to forget just how far that support can go. The site’s “Why Local?” tab reads, “Supporting local means more money stays in your community, more jobs are created locally, and the surrounding economy is benefited.”

Shannon highlights Akron business owners’ dedication through the adversity and the diversity of development in the area.

 “We’ve met so many awesome people that are doing awesome things, and they’re local-focused… Everybody has that same spirit and that same drive.” 

The pandemic has forced business owners to adapt, but it has not crushed that Rubber City grit! 

Lauren Dangel is a digital content writer and proud Kent State University graduate. She is also a football and hockey contributor for SB Nation’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish blog, One Foot Down.  

Photo: Used with permission from Shop Local Akron.