The Akron Pizza Task Force visits pizzaBOGO

words and photo by Caitlin Vari, Akron Pizza Task Force

If it wasn’t for this quarantine and pizza review project, I never would have known about the great local spot pizzaBOGO. This small restaurant isn’t to be doubted with their exceptional pizza. For three years in a row now, they have championship-winning pizza determined by International Pizza Expo. They were voted best gluten-free pizza in 2017 and best pan pizza in 2018 and 2019. 

This may have been my first time eating at pizzaBOGO, but I know it won’t be my last.

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Pizza Breakdown

Crust: The crust was thick, which typically I don’t like, but this one had great crunch to it and wasn’t soggy in any way. The pizza wasn’t flimsy and the toppings weren’t falling off. The crust really held it together. 

Sauce: I know I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza, which of course comes with buffalo sauce and sometimes has a kick to it, but this sauce was hot!! I’m not a total wimp and can tolerate some hotness. It was tasty and kind of had a tangy taste to it, but the hotness of it just took over my mouth. I think if on the menu they had a hot pepper next to it just to clarify there’s some kick to it, that would be best for customers. But overall, I felt it really pulled the toppings together to give a different taste. 

Toppings: The toppings were red onions, spinach, provolone/mozzarella, feta, buffalo chicken, kettle chips and scallions. The toppings worked really well with each other and tasted great. The kettle chips were a surprise because that’s not a typical pizza topping, but they worked and didn’t clash with anything. 

Cheese: There were three different cheeses on this pizza — provolone, mozzarella and feta. I have never had feta cheese before but I am not sure if I could taste it with all the other cheeses and toppings on the pizza. The cheese was a perfect fit for the pizza. It wasn’t stringy or too thick, but spread perfectly. 

The Final Slice

Atmosphere: Given the circumstances, I don’t think I was able to see the true atmosphere of this restaurant. They had seating inside, so I’m sure customers eat there all the time. I think it would be great for a small family to eat inside. The seating wasn’t too spacious, though, so I would be cautious of how many people you bring to eat. PizzaBOGO would be great with a few friends or a quick date. 

$$$: The pizza was fairly priced and the quality was worth the cost. For just $22, I bought a small buffalo chicken pizza, eight pepperoni rolls and a garden salad. I used a coupon I found on their website and it was a great deal. I mean, the name of the restaurant is pizzaBOGO, so you’re always going to get a good deal. 

Rating: I give pizzaBOGO 9.4 out of 10 slices because of the stellar pizza and great service. The only reason it does not get a full ten is because the sauce was unbelievably hot, so I think the menu should include hotness levels by using a scale such as peppers.

pizzaBOGO Akron

1392 N. Portage Path, Akron

Thursday-Sunday 3-9 pm

Order online for carry-out or delivery at 330-865-7777 or

The Akron Pizza Task Force is made up of students from the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at the University of Akron.