Fiesta Pizza receives rating of 10/10

words and photos by Abigail Palombo, Akron Pizza Task Force

Local restaurants are relying on take out orders more than ever. Fiesta Pizza and Chicken is a family-owned business that has been around Akron for 50 years and is the home of the original jojo. There are three locations 

throughout Akron — in Cuyahoga Falls (the one I went to), Ellet and Goodyear Heights.

Considering all I had to do was call in and order and then go and pick it up, it was an all-around pleasant experience. When deciding what to order, I noticed that their website could be a little more mobile-friendly. But staff answered the phone in a timely manner, repeated the order back to me and gave me a reasonable wait time for a Saturday night! 

When I got to the shop, I had to wait outside due to social distancing rules, so good thing it was a nice day. The man at the counter was friendly and greeted me right away and informed me my order would just be a few minutes longer. The food was freshly made, presented well, and tasted AWESOME! 

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Pizza Breakdown 

Crust: There was no choice between thin and thick crust, but that did not matter because it was the perfect in-between. It was cooked until it was just a light golden brown, not undercooked on the bottom or overcooked on the top. It had a little bit of a crunch at the end, which I loved. 

Sauce: The sauce was a little bit on the sweeter side, which paired well with the cheese and the toppings. They don’t overdo it with the sauce, either — there is a good amount but it doesn’t overshine the other flavors. 

Toppings: Getting toppings on your pizza was a little pricey, though. Each topping costs an extra $1.50 on a small pizza, $2 on a large pizza and $7 on a sheet pizza. Options include pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, green peppers, onions, anchovies, banana peppers, black olives and bacon. Believe it or not, I am not a big pepperoni person, so I got just mushrooms on top and did not regret it. The mushrooms were cooked to perfection and you do get your money’s worth. They weren’t some small little mushrooms – they put big full slices on and cook them to where they just curl a little bit on the end. 

Cheese Pull: As far as the cheese goes, it was a good blend. They also cooked that to where you saw the little golden brown bubbles throughout. It wasn’t stringy but I don’t look for that too much in a pizza. The cheese-to-sauce-to-crust ratio was great. 

The Final Slice

Takeout Experience: Like I stated above, the takeout experience was enjoyable. I did not have to wait too long and everyone was friendly for being in a time like this. At this location, you would not be able to sit down anyways — it is small and is probably takeout only at all times. There is just a checkout window you walk up to to pay. I think I waited maybe seven minutes, but I was also a little bit early to pick up my order, so they are reasonable with the wait time they told me over the phone.

Atmosphere: I think this pizza shop is perfect for on-the-go families and teenagers. It’s a quick on-the-go kind of pizza place and would be perfect for a game night. 

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Value: The starting price of the pizza is reasonable: $6.95 for a small, $10.95 for a large and $29.95 for a sheet. Where it starts to get expensive for me is the toppings, which each cost at least $1.50 extra. If you get more than one topping, you’re looking at spending as much on toppings as you did on the pizza itself. 

I also got a side of jojos, which came in a bag of 10 for $3.75. The order came to a total of $16.70 and fed two people. 

Overall, considering the quality and quantity I think this pizza was worth it. It tasted authentic and well-made. 

Rating: I’d actually give this place a perfect 10! 

Fiesta Pizza and Chicken

Goodyear Heights: 330-733-2201

Ellet: 330-784-0435 (Delivery only available at this location)

Cuyahoga Falls: 330-929-2004

Hours vary at each location

The Akron Pizza Task Force is made up of students from the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at the University of Akron.

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