Euro Gyro pizza

The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Euro Gyro

The APTF rates Euro Gyro pizza an 8/10

by Samuel Waller and Rachel Carr

Before the pandemic hit, the Akron Pizza Task Force visited Euro Gyro just on the edge of campus. This popular college hangout is loved by many University of Akron students and is known for their Wacky Wednesday large pizza special. 

After walking into Euro, we were greeted by familiar faces from around campus. They have some booths and a bar on the lower level and then an upstairs they use for larger gatherings, but for this visit, we both chose to order take out. 

Rachel and I each tried different options from Euro Gyro’s menu, so let’s see what Rachel thought of her pizza. 

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Pizza Breakdown: Rachel

Crust: Euro Gyro’s crust is a little on the thicker side, I would say. It’s between a pan pizza crust and hand-tossed crust, but it has an excellent crunch and flavor. 

Sauce: The pizza sauce is fairly traditional. The pizza has a liberal amount of sauce coating the crust, which offsets the thickness of the crust without making it soggy. They also offer a variety of sauce options, but for the purpose of this review we chose their traditional marinara. 

Toppings: I feel that the toppings menu is almost as endless as their menu itself. They offer anything from a Loaded JoJo Pizza to a Philly Steak Pizza. For the purpose of this review, my friend and I ordered a calzone with cheese and pepperoni and a pepperoni and banana pepper pizza. The calzone was wonderful and was served with a side of garlic butter, which I think should be put on the pizza’s crust as well! The pepperoni and banana pepper pizza was given ample toppings, although the peppers lacked spice as they were a little on the sweet side. 

Pizza Breakdown: Sam

When I picked up the Loaded Jojo pizza, the whole 15-minute ride home, I was very tempted to grab a slice because it smelled SO good! It’s definitely not a traditional pizza, but it is something I will get again. I usually stick to my gut and get a pepperoni pizza, but since I was trying a new place, I wanted to try a new pizza, and I absolutely loved it. 

Pizza from Eury Gyro

Crust: The crust was thick and chewy which I usually like a crispier crust, but I think it needed to be a bulkier crust since the weight of ingredients on top. 

Sauce: The nacho cheese sauce was interesting and worked really well with the ingredients. 

Toppings: I was taken back in surprise on how good some crispy jojos would be on pizza. With the Jojos, they also include chopped up bacon and mozzarella cheese to combine it all together. The flavor profile of this pizza is amazing. I am quite a fan of the Loaded Jojo pizza. 

The Final Slice

$$$: Euro Gyro is what I would call the best bang for your buck, especially on Wednesdays. Euro’s pizzas start at $6.49 for a small cheese pizza and could be as much as $18.49 for an extra-large specialty pizza. With such a large range in prices, there’s really something for everyone. For example, my bill came to $11.49 for a large pepperoni pizza and a small calzone, which fed three people. 

Cheese Pull: The cheese at Euro Gyro generously spreads amongst the pizza and maybe just a little heavy on the calzone, but who complains about too much cheese? 

Atmosphere: Euro Gyro is a bar setting so it might not always be ideal for families. However, their carry-out option is perfect for anyone, which is normally what I choose when going to Euro. 

Pizza: The Pizza Task Force agrees that Euro Gyro is a staple at the University of Akron and is a must for students. It was nice to be greeted by familiar faces and the $5 Wacky Wednesday Special is hard to beat! 

The Loaded Jojo pizza was different, but different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I really enjoyed trying something new and ending up really loving it! Another thing I love about this pizza is the price. EuroGyro is a great place for college kids since it has cheaper food and is a great environment for a good night with friends.

The pepperoni and banana pepper pizza was fantastic. Overall, I would give this pizza an 8/10 because I personally like a crispier crust. 

If you haven’t tried the Loaded Jojo pizza, pepperoni calzone, or pepperoni and banana pepper pizza, we recommend that you give any of these a try. While Gov. Mike DeWine’s Stay-at-Home order remains in place, we think you should take this time to support local pizza joints and send us your favorites so we can give you our feedback! 

Euro Gyro

444 E. Exchange St., Akron

Open daily 10:30 am-2:30 am or later

Order online for carry-out or delivery at 330-434-4976 or 

The Akron Pizza Task Force is made up of students from the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at the University of Akron.