The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Pizzazio’s

A review of one of Wadsworth’s favorite pizza shops

words and photos by Jacob Farrar

If it wasn’t for Gov. Mike DeWine’s mandate to limit restaurants to take-out and delivery only, and my family’s desire to support some of our local restaurants, I am not sure I would have taken the chance to try Pizzazio’s in Wadsworth. While I appreciate a good pizza and want to support small business, I have a house of very picky eaters and semi-pro pizza snobs — just in the wrong way. And what I mean is, if it’s not pizza from a specific pizza chain (which will go nameless), they won’t eat it. Weird kids. 

Since I live in Wadsworth, I decided to order from the top-rated pizza place in town — a decision I did not regret.

Pizza Breakdown

Crust: The first thing to notice is that Pizzazio’s is not for thin crust fanatics. The crust is nice and “bready.” In fact, I would almost classify it as a thick-crust pizza. The bread-like texture was a great foundation for the pizza we ordered, the Pepperoni Melt. With multiple layers of pepperoni and cheese, a thin-crust pizza would cower under the weight of the tasty goodness on top. You definitely need a thick crust for this pizza. 

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Sauce: The sauce on the Pepperoni Melt pizza did exactly what pizza sauce is supposed to do — not be the star of the show and not detract from the other elements of the pie. If the sauce isn’t tasty, it ruins the pizza. But if it overpowers the crust and the toppings, that is no good either. The sauce was just there to be the sauce — an equal member of the holy trinity of pizza (dough, cheese and sauce). Pizzazio’s touts that the quality of the sauce is rooted in the quality of the fresh tomatoes they get from California. 

Toppings: One thing you will notice when ordering Pizzazio’s is the mix of traditional pizza flavors with some not-so traditional, like Taco and Texan (BBQ chicken). We went with the Pepperoni Melt. While my favorite pizza is BBQ Chicken, I needed to appease the entire household with a more traditional flavor. The Pepperoni Melt features multiple layers of pepperoni and a mixture of both mozzarella and provolone cheese, also with multiple layers. While the amount of cheese was exactly what I expected, I thought there could have been more pepperoni on the pizza. 

The Final Slice

Cheese Pull: As I mentioned earlier, the cheese on the pizza we ordered definitely delivered. And with both mozzarella and provolone — you won’t be disappointed.

$$$: The pizza selection at Pizzazio’s is reasonably priced. I feel we paid a fair price for what we got. Our small Pepperoni Melt pizza was just under $10, and the specialty pizzas will run you a little more. The small pizza was a 10” that had six slices, perfect for two kids and me. 

Takeout/Delivery: If you don’t live in Wadsworth, takeout is the only way you are getting this pizza. The delivery area is basically the town of Wadsworth and there is a $2 delivery charge. Since we live on the outskirts and I needed to leave my house after five straight days indoors, I opted for the pickup. 

The pizza was ready when I got there, and I was surprised by how busy they looked. I had this notion in mind that our order would be the only one they had received that day. Not true. They looked very busy, and a delivery person was just getting back as I was leaving. When I got home, the pizza and the other menu items we ordered were correct and traveled home well. Takeout was not an issue with this place. We may have to try delivery next time. 

Pizza: And yes, there will be a next time. And we will be sure to order even more items off the large and tasty looking menu. In addition to pizzas, Pizzazio’s also offers burgers, pasta dishes, subs and their “famous” foldover pizzas. The foldover is akin to calzone, just without the sealed edges. All of the same flavors from the specialty pizzas, plus more, are available as foldovers. 

Since this was our first experience with Pizzazio’s, I wanted a variety of items. We ordered a couple of subs, a foldover, the small Pepperoni Melt pizza, and my wife insisted on jojos — we are in Akron, after all! Plenty of food for six eaters, and there was some left over for lunch the next day. And with a large menu with awesome variety, there’s plenty of stuff to choose from so you don’t get bored during the Stay At Home order from our governor. 

Rating: Out of 10 slices, the Akron Pizza Task Force rates this pizzeria a solid 8.5. 

Jacob Farrar is the Director of the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at The University of Akron, whose students make up the Akron Pizza Task Force.