Firestone Park family decorates tree pandemic style

words and photos by Noor Hindi

Akronites Jeramy and Amanda Patton decided to add a little fun to their Firestone Park home last month, attracting laughs from neighbors and friends. Their COVID-19 tree display, which sported a mask and googly eyes, brought some much-needed humor to passersby.

“We’re just having a lot of fun,” Jeramy says. “It’s really blown up and gotten bigger than what we would have imagined.”

He got the idea while scrolling through social media one day. The couple had already been making masks from fabric. But this time, says Amanda, they had to make a “really, really, really big one for the tree.”

When they first moved into their home five years ago, Amanda asked Jeramy to cut down the tree, but now she’s convinced the tree has to stay.

“Now it’s getting decorated all the time,” says Amanda, who recently created a Cinco de Mayo display for the tree. She’s also encouraging residents to get takeout from El Rincon, her favorite Mexican restaurant.

Over the last few weeks, the couple has been quarantined at home with their 10-year-old daughter, Tessa, and their dog, Jasper. Their business, Sitting Pretty Linens, a full-service linen rental company for weddings in Akron, is on stand-by.

“We do miss it,” says Jeramy. “I miss the people. I miss the satisfaction of completing an event and it all coming together and looking great.”

Until quarantine is over, Jeramy and Amanda have been keeping busy with house projects and helping their daughter finish the school year at Miller South, where she’s enrolled with a focus on theater.

“It’ll be nice when we go back to normal and we get to go to her events at her school and see all the hard work the kids did,” Amanda says.

In the meantime, Jeramy and Amanda send their thanks and appreciation to health care providers and essential employees who are still working through the pandemic. They hope to continue creating fun and whimsical displays to bring joy to the neighborhood, where others are beginning to create their own displays.

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