Eternal Paws offers memorial services for your pets

words and photos by Nic deCourville

Recently, my mother’s cat Chewie made her final trip to the rainbow bridge. Having been a member of the family for several years, we were all distraught. Wanting a proper goodbye for our pet, my mother called Christine Laliberte of Eternal Paws Cremation Services. 

Located on Wadsworth Road in Norton, Eternal Paws provides a multitude of services for pet owners looking for aftercare and cremation.

Operating in the city for close to three and a half years, Christine built her business from the ground up, working for a local cable provider as she purchased everything she needed for her business. “We wanted to work for ourselves. We didn’t want to work for corporate America,” Christine says. 

“People really love their pets. They really have a connection between them. There’s no ego involved. Your pets don’t care if you have a bad day or you’re not in a good mood — they just want to love you,” she says.

“We’re trying to honor that. This is part of the journey.”  

Eternal Paws provides services for pet owners. On the day that your pet departs from this Earth, Christine is available for home pick-up. While this service is primarily for larger animals or for those unable to lift their pet, Christine will pick up your animal any time, day or night. 

In addition to cremation, Eternal Paws also provides memorial services in their private chapel. This can be a personal service, or you can invite friends and family to help say goodbye. 

There are a wide selection of urns available, including urns designed for scattering the ashes and urns that float on water. Biodegradable options are also available. All urns may be engraved. The shop itself contains a multitude of options, though you can select something more personal in the many catalogues provided. 

Eternal Paws also provides other ways to remember your pet, such as personalized paw prints. The ones shown to me were cast in clay, with the animal’s name engraved just above the paw. Eternal Paws can also provide a lock of fur in a glass vial. 

For my mother’s cat, she went with a small wooden box with “Chewie” engraved on the top. It is a wonderful remembrance piece for a gentle and loving cat. (While Chewie may be gone, my mother did get another cat: a six-month-old black-and-white tabby named Nebula. She is adorable and enjoys jumping around the house.)

Ultimately, Eternal Paws provides a service for the times in life you cannot control. Christine says, “I do it because I can. I know it’s necessary. People need compassion. When people are going through the worst days of their lives, I need to be here for them.” 

Eternal Paws can be reached anytime via telephone at (330) 685-0570 for services. They are also available via Facebook, Instagram, or their website

Nic is a freelance writer and food fanatic. When not writing, he teaches English composition and plays in various rock and/or roll bands. You can contact him on Instagram @sewerfuneral.