Six Feet | Danny Hamilton

by Ilenia Pezzaniti

With the stay-at-home mandate implementation, and the weather warming, front porches have been the go-to hang out spaces for many residents in Akron. 

Danny Hamilton, 30, was sitting on his porch, looking at his phone on Thursday, March 26, when the temperature hit 60 degrees. 

Like many people, Danny’s been impacted by the pandemic, socially and employment-wise. 

“Besides being cooped up in the house, my hours at work have been cut drastically, but I’m one of the lucky ones — I’m a salary contract employee so I still get paid, thankfully,” Danny says. “Other than that, it’s just going stir crazy at home.”

Though he recognizes his blessings, Danny is also thinking about what he’s missing out on.

“Just being able to see friends, family. My dad’s got a compromised immune system so I can’t really see him too much,” he says. 

Danny thinks some good is coming out of the sudden change in lifestyle, however. “I guess we’re kind of all appreciating things a little bit more than before this all happened,” he says. “I guess you could say we won’t take things for granted as much anymore.”

Photo: Ilenia Pezzaniti