Cook behind the counter at Diamond Deli.

How to patronize restaurants: Order takeout and delivery and tip generously

by Rosalie Murphy and Allyson Smith

On March 15, Governor Mike Dewine ordered that all restaurants and bars close dine-in options. However, carry-out and delivery options are still available to not completely close all restaurants in the state of Ohio. 

How to Order Takeout

Many restaurants already have take-out options available or are switching to a take-out format. Square Scullery’s brick-and-mortar operation, which was designed last year as a “ghost restaurant,” shared on social media: “Our current kitchen and back end of business was literally built entirely for delivery and carry out operations purely in mind, we will keep calm and carry out.”

NOMZ, located in the Northside Marketplace, will be offering curbside service, meaning employees will run orders out to buyers’ cars. 

Restaurants are not the only businesses switching to take-out formats though. Some bars have liquor licenses that also allow them to sell alcohol to go. For example, Eighty-Three Brewery on East Market Street is offering growlers for pickup, which can be ordered on their website. Annabell’s Bar & Lounge are offering beer and Jameson to go. 

Also, the city will temporarily allow free on-street parking on metered spots to encourage take out from local restaurants and bars.

If you normally eat in at your favorite restaurant, give them a call to see if they’re offering a carry-out option. Typically eat-in restaurants promoting carry-out service include: 

  • Alexander Pierce (797 East Market St.) — Asks for 24 hours’ notice for carryout orders. Order here.
  • Arnie’s Public House (1682 W. Market St.) — call in curbside pick-up orders to 330-867-0154. 
  • A Walk in the Park Café (1491Aster Ave.) — call in to 330-536-9255 or order online here.
  • Eye Opener (1688 W Market St) — call in orders to 330-867-1114. 
  • Fred’s Diner (930 Home Ave.) — call in orders to 330-535-3733.
  • La Mexicana Cantina and Grille (76 West Ave) — Order online here
  • Larry’s Main Entrance (1964 W. Market St.) — call in orders to 330-864-8162. 
  • Lock 15 Brewing (21 W. North St. #TL 1) — call in orders to 234-900-8277. Crowlers are also available for pickup. 
  • Louie’s Bar and Grille (739 E. Glenwood Ave.) — call in orders to 330-535-5030.
  • Lukity Country Inn (2697 Manchester Rd.)- call in orders to 330 753-5983
  • Luigi’s (105 N. Main St.) — call in orders to 330-253-2999.
  • Ms. Julie’s Kitchen (1809 S. Main St.) — call in orders to 330-864-8162.
  • Noisy Oyster (1375 N. Portage Path) — call in orders to 330-864-7500.
  • Rockne’s (7 Merriman Rd.) — call in orders to 330-762-7555.
  • Poke Fresh (46 North Hawkins Ave. #215) — carry-out as usual; call in curbside pick-up orders to 330-860-7870. 
  • Primo’s Deli (1707 Vernon Odom Blvd.) — call in orders to 330-745-9056. 
  • Casa Del Rio Express ( 2927 W Market St.) — call in orders to 330 849-5160 or order online here. Curbside pickup available. 
  • Rocco’s Pizza (1053 Portage Trail) — call in orders to 330 928-3344.
  • Julian’s (314 Pioneer St) — call in orders to 330-798-0043.
  • El Fogan Mexican Grill (1080 Interstate Pkwy) — call in orders to 330 644-7700.
  • Iron Grill (2215 E Waterloo Rd #408) — call in orders to 330-983-4443.  
  • Big Eu’es BBQ Restaurant (1730 Portage Trail) — call in orders to 234 706-6700 or order online here.
  • Eddy’s Deli and Restaurant (2655 Oakwood Dr.) — call in orders to 330 928-7489.
  • Village Gardens (2437 St Rd.) — call in orders to 330-928-5751.
  • Waterloo Restaurant and Catering (423 E Waterloo Rd.) — call in orders to 330-773-5158
  • Lyeh Thai Restaurant (160 E Tallmadge Ave) — call in orders to 234-334-4528.
  • Moe’s (2385 Front St.) — call in orders to (330) 928-6600.
  • Papa Gyro’s (1 N Hawkins Ave.) — call in orders to 330-247-2475 or order online here
  • Redstone Pub & Grille (1194 E Tallmadge Ave.) — call in orders to 330 633-1094.
  • Fa-Ray’s Family Restaurant (1115 Wooster Rd. N.) — call in orders to 330-745-6091.
  • The Original Peppe & Luigi’s (240 5th St SE, Barberton) — call in orders to 330-745-1121.
  • Altieri’s Pizza (3291 Kent Rd.) — call in orders to 330-686-6860.
  • Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant (903 W Maple St, Hartville) — call in orders to 330 877-1863.
  • Bistro on Main (1313 W Main St., Kent) — call in orders to 330-673-9900
  • The Breakfast Place (137 East Ave, Tallmadge) — call in orders to 234-334-4335.
  • Belgrade Gardens (401 E State St., Barberton) — call in orders to 330-745-7172.
  • Hanini Subs — Find locations near you here. Call to order or order online from Brown St. and Brittain Rd. locations.
  • The Ramp Restaurant (3719 S Main St.) — call in orders to 234-678-6370.
  • Parasson’s Italian Restaurant (959 E Waterloo Rd.) — call in orders to 330-724-9375. 
  • Uncle Tito’s Mexican Grill (2215 E Waterloo Rd. Ste 107) — call in orders to 330-208-0429.
  • Tim’s Pizzeria and Pub (2823 Bailey Rd.) — call in orders to 330-928-1530. 
  • Eastside Lamp Post Restaurant (2146 E. Market St.) — call in orders to 330-733-5308.
  • Chowder House (2028 Chestnut Blvd.) — call in orders to 330-794-7102.
  • Todd’s Fire & Ice Bar & Grille (1941 Tripplett Blvd.) — call in orders to 234-678-6172.
  • Swat Food Truck (9828 Valley View Rd.) — call in orders to 330-554-2272.
  • Stownut Donut & Diner (3055 Graham Rd.) — call in orders to 330-676-1300.
  • Shisler’s Cheese House & Deli (1275 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd.) — call in orders to 330-665-3434.
  • New Era Restaurant (10 Massillon Rd.) — call in orders to 330-784-0087.

Restaurants that do a steady carry-out business, including coffee shops (North Hill Donuts, Nervous Dog, Compass Coffee, etc.), restaurants (Nepali Kitchen, Nicole’s, Hanini’s) and pizza places, are likely continuing to offer their usual takeout options. Call ahead to make sure your favorites are available. 

How to Order Delivery

Justin Phillips, who delivers food using DoorDash and occasionally UberEATS, shares the following: 

“I keep a canister of disinfecting wipes in my car, and I wipe all of the contact points down every hour or so. I have a bottle of hand sanitizer I use every what time I touch something outside of the car. I wash my hands whenever possible, although opportunities can be somewhat limited. I have been practicing ‘non-contact delivery, ’ which means I set the food down outside the customer’s door, knock, and then take a few steps back so we will not be too close physically when they answer. As always, at no point do I touch the food itself. It is also worth noting that restaurants are taking extra precautions,” he says. 

Justin estimates that about 40% of the orders he fulfills in Akron are from local businesses and the remainder from large chains. His favorite restaurant is Sweet Mary’s Bakery (which will be closed for the remainder of March), but he loves many others. For that reason, he suggests calling locally owned restaurants to find out if they have a preferred delivery app. Restaurants have to pay a cut of delivery fees on DoorDash, UberEATS, GrubHub and Postmates. 

“If you’re ordering from a local restaurant, I do suggest that you check first If you can order delivery directly from them, instead of through the app. In some cases, the delivery will still be contracted to DoorDash, but regardless, the restaurant will have more control over where the funds go,” Justin says. If restaurants advertise DoorDash or UberEATS delivery, like Nomz and Square Scullery do, Justin says they’ve likely built delivery app fees into their margins.

“Now obviously, I want to make a living, so I wouldn’t be telling you this if I didn’t love our local establishments as much as I do,” Justin says. “This is going to be a hard time for everyone, and I want them to make it out the other side.”

Also, he adds, “Consider buying gift cards, since that essentially acts as a loan that they can pay off when the world makes a little more sense.” 

Both UberEATS and DoorDash are offering drivers two weeks of paid sick leave if they are diagnosed with or ordered to self-quarantine because of COVID-19, Justin says. 

Local restaurants offering special carry-out AND delivery service include: 

  • Crave (57 E. Market St.) — Takeout and delivery; call 330-253-1234. 
  • Cilantro (326 S. Main St.) — Carry-out and delivery within 5 miles; call 330-434-2876
  • Mr. Zub’s Deli (795 W. Market St.) — Carry-out orders call 330-252-0272. Delivery through DoorDash. 
  • Square Scullery (783 W. Market St. — Carry-out orders call 330-983-9387. Delivery through DoorDash and GrubHub. 
  • Mary Coyle (780 W. Market St.) — Carry-out orders call 330-253-1511. Delivery through GrubHub or Postmates. 
  • Frank’s Place (549 W. Market St.) — Carry-out orders call 330-376-8307. Delivery through DoorDash. 
  • Papa Joe’s (1561 Akron Peninsula Rd.) — Curbside service for carry-out orders; call 330-923-7999. Free delivery. 
  • Vasili’s Greek Cuisine (1702 Merriman Rd.) — Takeout and delivery; call 330-864-0722.
  • Los Girasoles (1682 Merriman Rd.) — Takeout and delivery; call 330-836-1167.
  • Dontino’s (555 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave. #1) — Curbside service for carry-out orders; call 330-928-9530. Delivery through Postmates. 
  • Pavona’s Pizza Joint (32 Sand Run Rd.) — Takeout and delivery; call 330-836-4743.
  • Bob’s Hamburg (1351 East Ave.) — Carry-out orders call 330-253-2627. Delivery through Postmates. 
  • Niko’s Sandwich Board (1947 W. Market St. #104) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330-794-5444.
  • Lil’ Bit Cafe (992 Kenmore Blvd.) —Carry-out and delivery. Call 234-718-2233. Pick up at the carry-out window.
  • Flury’s Cafe (2202 Front St.) — Carry-out and delivery. Call (330) 929-1315.
  • Honeymoon Grille (3458 Manchester Rd.) — Carryout through pick-up window or carhop and delivery. Call (330) 644-4355 or order here.
  • Gasoline Alley (870 N Cleveland Massillon Rd) — Carry-out and delivery through GrubHub. Call (330) 666-2670.
  • Oldies & Goodies Classic Family Diner (641 Massillon Rd)  — Carry out and delivery. Call 330-733-3878.
  • Hibachi Xpress (810 W Market St.) — Delivery through UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub.
  • Continental Cuisine (55 Ghent Rd) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330-864-1777.
  • Saffron Patch in the Valley (1238 Weathervane Ln) — Carry-out and delivery.  Call 330 836-7777.
  • Lyla’s Family Restaurant (1911 Bailey Rd.) — Carry out and delivery. Call 330 922-4444.
  • Wally Waffle (845 W Market St.) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330 374-4915 or order through GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, or Postmates.
  • Lala’s in the Lakes (4315 Manchester Rd.)  — Carry out and delivery. Call 234-571-4757 or 234-571-4758 or order through Toast, DoorDash or UberEats.
  • Finny’s Sports Bar & Grill (4050 Cleveland Massillon Rd) — Carry out, curbside, and delivery. Call 234-678-0738
  • Houston Pub (3069 Houston Rd, Norton) — Carry out and delivery. Call 330-745-9414 or 330-697-6971.
  • The Town Tavern (1840 Town Park Blvd) — Carry out and delivery. Call 330-896-4433 or order online here. Order delivery through DoorDash or UberEats.
  • Luca’s New York Style Pizza (3451 Darrow Rd.) — Curbside pickup and delivery. Call 330-688-9595.
  • Molly Brown’s Country Cafe (518 Canton Rd; 493 Portage Lakes Dr.) — Carry-out, curbside pickup, and delivery. Call 330-784-4711. Order delivery online (Portage Lakes location only).
  • Gionino’s Pizzeria — Carry-out and delivery. Find nearby locations here
  • The Upper Deck (357 W Turkeyfoot Lake Rd) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 234-706-5958 or order delivery through DoorDash or UberEats.
  • D’Agnese’s at White Pond (566 White Pond Dr) —Carry-out and delivery. Call 234-678-3612.
  • Dominic’s Rose Villa Restaurant (368 Portage Lakes Dr) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330-644-5522 for carry-out. Order carry-out or delivery here. 
  • Menches Brothers Restaurant (3700 Massillon Rd. #130) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330-896-2288 or order here for carry-out. Order delivery through DoorDash or UberEats.
  • Metropolis Popcorn (2164 Front St.) — Delivery only. Call 330-298-6446 or order online here.
  • Delanies Grille (67 West Ave.) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330-630-2888.
  • Cafe Arnone (2840 W. Market St.) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 330-615-6206 or order online here
  • Olesia’s Tavern of Richfield (3960 Broadview Rd.) — Carry-out and delivery. Call 234-400-0288.

How to Support Service Staff

Dining rooms may be closed, but takeout orders are still filled by workers, servers and bartenders who relied on tips to make up their income prior to the pandemic. Their incomes are severely impacted by this change. (If you are a server facing unemployment, take advantage of Ohio’s extended unemployment benefits here.) 

Tipping was important before, but now it is more important than ever to tip the people who are packaging and delivering your food. Even if you wouldn’t normally tip for counter service, such as in a coffee shop or while getting takeout, budget enough that you can tip generously. 

If you order delivery, note that both DoorDash and UberEATS give drivers 100% of tips that orderers make through the apps, Justin says. 

“Tips, of course, are always welcome, and in general they make up a significant portion of our income,” he says. “When choosing how much to tip, try to be mindful of the fact that your driver is literally risking life, limb, and lungs to make sure you get food. That’s the long way of saying to tip as generously as you can reasonably afford.”

Also, please take care to wash your hands, and keep yourself healthy and protected prior to interacting with service staff. 

Allyson Smith is a server and writer for The Devil Strip. Rosalie Murphy is the magazine’s editor-in-chief. 

Photo: Shane Wynn