Urine Luck | Hotel, Motel… Courtyard Marriott

by Emily Dressler

I’ve heard the bathrooms in the Courtyard Marriott in the Northside District have good lighting. These are the kinds of things strangers tell me. Unfortunately, this was not my experience. 

The lobby bathroom was dimly lit like some kind of mood lighting. Maybe the rumor I heard pertains to the actual Marriott hotel rooms, but I wouldn’t know, because I’m not a moneybags who books hotel rooms just to have somewhere to pee. That would be weird, even for me. (But give it a few more weeks with this coronavirus and ask me again.)

When you enter the hotel from Furnace Street, there are bathrooms past the front desk and to the right. In my experience with hotel lobby bathrooms, I’m usually the only one in there — except for the one I shared with a nun on Easter once. And even if I’m not alone, the transient feeling I get in hotels gives me a false cloak of privacy, which is sometimes good enough.

My first thought upon entering this bathroom was that the sink area was very busy. Too many things in too many containers here, you guys. I guess it’s not that much stuff, but something about that soap dispenser up on stilts was too much for me. 

Also, it was so dark I was disoriented. 

There are three stalls in here. With faux wood barriers, they are a step up from the typical metal or beige-colored plastic laminate. 

If your favorite thing about hotels is hotel art, then you will be happy to know that there’s some hotel art in the bathroom. Perfect! I love when a place embraces what they really are. 

After I washed my hands, I wished that there was some hand lotion among the sink accessories, but no such luck. The trash can is around the corner from the sink, closer to the door. I guess this is so you can push the door open with a paper towel and then throw it away. I’m going to be honest with you: I NEVER DO THAT. I just use my hand to or shoulder to open the door. I’m healthy as a racehorse, too, but not like all those racehorses that were mysteriously dying. 

This bathroom gets a 4/5 because it’s pretty clean and there’s hotel art.

Emily Dressler has been writing for the Devil Strip, mostly about bathrooms, since 2015.

Photo: Emily Dressler