Urine Luck | The Sassy Sunflower (Updated!)

by Marissa Marangoni

I think I’ve previously mentioned that I am not great at being social, but you, my adoring fans, force me out of my comfort zone. This time I took myself to the Sassy Sunflower’s grand re-opening to check out its bathroom happenings. 

The place was teeming with people — many more than I can handle. And after spending too much time trying to figure out what to do with my hands and whether or not I could really walk around the place again to look at the same things I had already been looking at for the last hour, I fled to the privacy of the privy where I could take some toilet pics without worrying about anyone thinking I was a creep.

Let me remind you of the Sassy Sunflower’s bathroom past: In December, it was not yet ready for its close-up.. The toilet seemed to have long outlived its potential to do its job, the decor was trying too hard and failing, and the water gave off that unmistakable rotten egg smell of Copley well water.

In short, this bathroom was not sassy. It was sucky, and it was waiting for an upgrade. 

I’m happy to report that the upgrade is even better than I imagined it would be.

If you’ve entered through the back doors because you’ve likely parked in the parking lot, the bathroom is located to the right of the cashwrap (I still have my shoe store saleslady vocab!), through the whimsical kids’ room across from the teepee. Feel free to drop your kid off in the teepee while you go use some TP. And speaking of TP, the Sassy Sunflower has plenty — and it’s not the kind that disintegrates in your hand immediately upon first pass. 

This bathroom’s sad tropical plaid days are a mere memory. Glitz and glam are now front and center, complete with a chandelier above the sink and a polka-dot-skirted upcycled dresser vanity. Every touch in this bathroom was carefully thought out, right down to the yellow toilet paper holder. 

A polka-dot curtain covers the window and hand-painted sunflowers cover the walls. You won’t get bored in here: there’s a lot to look at, and the more you look, the more you notice. But please don’t stay in here forever because you should probably go talk to people — wait, that was me. For you, don’t stay in here because your kid probably isn’t in that teepee anymore, and there are other things to look at in this shop, and for a minimal monetary exchange, you can support a local artist by taking some things home and looking at them in your own house. Maybe you’ll even look at them in your bathroom.

This bathroom is beyond better with a capital “B.” I’m not surprised. This is one of the prettiest bathroom makeovers I have seen. It’s right up there with the bathroom makeover of 2016 by Summit Artspace. Sassy Sunflower bathroom, no longer are you gross and glaring. I am not sure how your toilet shines, but it does, and that sparkly chandelier really complements it. This bathroom gets 5/5 toilets, and its water doesn’t even smell bad anymore.

Marissa Marangoni has been writing Urine Luck since 2015. That’s a long time and a lot of bathrooms.

Photo: Marissa Marangoni