The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Upper Crust

by Deborah Endris

For this month’s review, two representatives of the APTF visited Upper Crust, which recently opened in Highland Square. They have a variety of pizzas, chicken wings, and sides, with more options available for catering. 

We ordered the King’s Triple Double along with a box of jojos and two cannolis. After 30 minutes, we were given everything at once, including plates and napkins. Since a library and the Highland Throwbacks thrift store are within walking distance, we didn’t mind the wait. (Unfortunately, though, the owners of Two Turtles have retired and the pet store has closed.) A text message let us know when our food was ready.


Crust: Upper Crust offers three main crust styles: Detroit Crunch, American Pan, and Thin & Square. We tried the Detroit Crunch because that’s where my friend is from. It was very satisfying and gave us the perfect amount as well: an 8-by-10-inch pizza divided into four pieces. 

There are more choices if customers wish to create their own pizzas, and equivalent gluten-free crusts.

Sauce: Our pizza was made with red tomato sauce. As a person who prefers a lot of sauce, I loved it, but I also don’t think it would be too much for someone who doesn’t. The menu also offers bold barbeque, ranch and garlic sauces. Those available for dipping and create-your-own pizzas include basil pesto, smoked chipotle, creamy buffalo, and thai peanut chili. We were curious about that last one, but wanted to stick with a classic.

Toppings: We tried “cup and char pepperoni,” small pieces of pepperoni curled at slightly burnt edges to create cups that grease might soak into. We liked the cup and char pepperoni more than traditional pepperoni because it added a lot more flavor.

Upper Crust also has other meats such as hickory smoked bacon, chicken, steak and Italian or vegan sausage. 

The Final Slice

Cheese Pull: Although they also offer feta, parmesan and vegan cheese, Upper Crust’s pizzas are usually made with premium mozzarella. The Double part of ours’ title referred to the amount of cheese on it, and even though we both don’t usually eat that much cheese, we enjoyed it.

$$$: The King’s Triple Double is $14, which isn’t bad, but not the best option to feed more than a few people. It is available in half sheet size (11×17 inches) for $22, but it’s possible to get that amount cheaper with the $15 create-your-own pizza. Although the total price of a create-your-own is dependent on the number of  $4 toppings chosen, we realized we’d like that instead if we order for a group in the future.

Atmosphere: Even though it’s a small place and not the best for dine-in, with bar seating only, they played good music and we agreed that it was a good experience overall. However, other customers had long wait times, with one woman standing with her food but not her sauces for a full 15 minutes. It was nearing dinner time on a Saturday.

Rating: Out of 10 slices, the Akron Pizza Task Force rates this pizzeria a 7/10.

Upper Crust in Highland Square

835 W. Market St., Akron 

Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-10 pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm


Deborah Endris is a Devil Strip intern who appreciates the city, its food and food in general. She is a student at the University of Akron who loves the community and arts presence there, but is happiest at home with her cats.