Rubber City Rocks | Paul Treen’s Holiday Shopping Guide

by Paul Treen

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Festivus! I know I’ve disappointed you this year by not publishing much, but in 2020 I resolve to publish more. 

Now it is December: The season of tree lighting, ball dropping, kissing under poisonous plants, jojo catering companies being overworked, and, of course, giving. If that’s your thing, here’s a shopping guide for local stores to suit all family members.

My first is an online establishment. They closed the doors in July, but they continue the business online. The name is The Bookseller. The pricing is very good, and they have books of all genres. It’s perfect for the resident reader.

The next one was featured in Rubber City Rocks in April 2018, the antique store known as the Bomb Shelter. They go all out each year, and it is, in our humble opinion, the perfect place for the vintage person in your family.

In the Ellet area, there is another location for the collector in your family. I wrote about it in March. At the time, Toyz and Noize was renovating and we came back as soon as we could. It was an amazing shop. They had board games in foreign languages, old music videos on VCR and funko pops of all sorts. In a small room you can find old comic books and issues of MAD Magazine. (May the publication rest in peace.) In another spot, you may see old Star Wars action figures. Anyone should enjoy it. 

Finally, Cari Miller of is an enthusiastic Akronite who specializes in paintings of the sun and bold colorful works of animals, nature and architecture. My personal favorites, that I have myself, are her Akron blimp line of products, including ornaments, hoodies, mugs, notebooks, postcards, reading lights and travel mugs.

Happy holidays!

Paul Treen