Urine Luck | The Sassy Sunflower

by Marissa Marangoni

December is a time for endings. In this month, many of us spend some time reflecting, but we also start thinking about the future. For those of you who don’t do either of these things, fine. I get it. Really, there is no actual end to the calendar because time is merely a social construct, and, overall, the new year is not new and a year is not a year and nothing actually has meaning. 

But let those of us surviving by our schedules and seconds have our respite and reflection — and our restrooms. 

This December, I thought it would be fitting to review the restroom of a local shop, whose owner is reflecting on her years in her self-described “rustic glam” boutique in Copley as she moves down Cleveland-Massillon Road.

The Sassy Sunflower is a boutique that features everything from F-bomb tree ornaments to one-of-a-kind glass art and handmade jewelry. Giving many local artists a place to sell their work at affordable price points, the Sassy Sunflower has become a staple of the Copley community and will likely become a sturdy fixture as the new location offers more space, increased visibility, and a convenient location right off Copley Circle. 

The Sassy Sunflower also offers a bathroom in its new building. Because I’m a VIP, I had the privilege of visiting this facility before it opens in January. 

This bathroom is a small single-staller, with one toilet and one sink. Its aesthetic is one that is trying. It is trying to be a good bathroom, but, as of right now, it is not. However, this is about potential. In the new year, I know this bathroom is going to shine, sparkle, and dazzle its users with features that only the Sassy Sunflower touch can provide. 

The walls in this space are what I like to think of as tropical orange–sort of a cross between pink and orange. It isn’t blinding, but it’s also a rough color to put on a wall successfully. In truth, it’s kind of obnoxious.

I’m imagining the color in this crapper will change, but I was impressed at the matching plaid curtain that covered the window. It’s not an attractive curtain, but I like the attempt at coordination. It failed fantastically, and, really, there is no better way to fail. 

But, hey, a window! I can’t tell you the last time I reviewed a bathroom with a window. I’m looking forward to seeing the new window covering, if there is one. Maybe there shouldn’t be, for a more exciting bathroom experience where you can connect with those on the outside while you do your business on the inside.

Once I got past the walls, there was no ignoring the unfortunate state of the toilet in this bathroom. Let’s just say that this toilet has seen, perhaps, more endings than it could handle. It’s a toilet that is ready to start fresh, to rebuild its image and enjoy a bright, white future. This may mean some deep cleaning beyond what I could probably ever do. It also may mean that this toilet finds its way to the curb and its final resting place to make way for a new and improved toilet for the new and improved Sassy Sunflower.

The new year is all about the journey to fulfill potential, and I can’t wait to see this bathroom’s inevitable transformation. For now, little gross bathroom, have a nice rest, then enjoy your makeover, and I’ll see you in January!

(I’ve decided not to rate this bathroom because the Sassy Sunflower is not responsible for its current condition.)

 Marissa Marangoni has been writing about bathrooms for The Devil Strip since 2015.