Urine Luck | Weathervane Playhouse

by Emily Dressler

If there’s a stage production of The Who’s rock opera Tommy within a 20-mile radius of where we are, my husband, child and I will likely go see it. It just sort of happened and I can’t explain it but I guess we are Tommy freaks now?

This most recent production of Tommy was right down the street at the Weathervane Playhouse. This was, embarrassingly, my first visit to the Weathervane. Prior to this, the last place we saw Tommy was at the Broadview Heights Community Theater. If you’re curious, their bathrooms were homey and church-like.

The Weathervane bathrooms, on the other hand, are incredibly, heart-wrenchingly uninspiring and drab. Sorry for the dramatics, but the theater brings it out in me. On the upside, when you exit the theater during intermission, the bathrooms are conveniently located right in front of your face and are accessible for all. A sign outside the restroom indicated that additional restrooms are located elsewhere, but I saw no need to venture farther away. I worry about not getting back to my seat in time, so I am all business during intermission.

It was busy and I didn’t want everyone to see me taking pics so sorry

We had to wait in line for a short time and everyone was really nice to my 5-year-old and no one outwardly judged me for bringing a small child to see a musical with a lot of adult content. Her favorite songs are “Twenty-one” and “Christmas” and she sang lines from both songs quietly while waiting in line. 

There are five stalls in the bathroom, one of which is handicap accessible. In a lot of bathroom lines, you can see all the stalls while you wait and everyone stares at the row of stalls waiting for one to open up. In this bathroom, you stand in line against a wall facing the sinks and the stalls are on the other side of the wall. Technically, you can’t actually see what you are waiting in line for, but common sense and experience dictate that you are waiting for an open stall. 

This bathroom has light brown walls with a light colored grout, light brown stalls, light brown sinks and everything is just so depressing in here I almost died from boredom. I’m surprised they didn’t try to find a light brown toilet paper to match. Gross. At this point, they might as well, because at least it would be something different. 

As a community-based theater, the Weathervane relies on the generous services of hundreds of volunteers. Maybe someone should volunteer to hang up some art or any kind of decoration in this bathroom. The bathroom is clean and everything works but it’s so boring. This bathroom gets ⅗ toilets. 

Emily Dressler has been reviewing Akron bathrooms since 2015.