Tyron Hoisten’s October Starter Pack

 by Tyron Hoisten

Finally. October in Akron is here again. Autumn technically arrives a month earlier, but still, it always seems to manifest itself around this time with its signature crisp breezes, dancing leaves and pumpkins.

I use a calendar for one sole purpose—to count down the days until October and the 330 waltz again. And on this day, I find myself slowing down, reflecting, creating, being a little more present. I also find myself in a tracksuit, tuned in to cool jazz radio, hitting stores in search of all things pumpkin spice—muffins, coffee, M&M’s, toothpaste, etc.

Now the over-abundant array of pumpkin spice offerings is nice, but I suggest that what makes this season so enthralling is the ubiquitous chill vibe, which makes each fall day feel like a Sunday.

To ensure that you, my fellow Akronites, make a successful descent into October, I’ve drawn up an October Starter Pack:

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