New art gallery opens this weekend in North Hill

by Jarett Theberge

A local couple has finally achieved their decades-long goal of opening up their own art gallery in Akron. 

Doreen Vanchoff-Caler and Steve Caler are the operators of Gallery C, a new art gallery that is set to open Sept. 7 in North Hill. The location of the gallery is in a century-old building that housed Steve’s marketing company from 1984 to 2016. 

Doreen is excited that they finally got this project off the ground.

“This is something that we’ve always wanted to do,” Doreen says. 

The space is 2,800 square feet and has enough room for eight different galleries. She hopes that Gallery C can involve as much local art in the neighborhood as possible. 

“The North Hill international district is just growing, and we really wanted to provide a space for three-dimensional and two-dimensional artwork,” Doreen says. “We are looking forward to the multicultural aspect of it. I think there’s a lot of hidden talent in that area.” 

The opening show will be of Steve’s own work that he has painted over the years. Doreen calls Steve’s work “lyrical abstract.”

“It’s poetic,” says Dorren. “It’s not like looking at a bowl of fruit.” 

Steve earned his BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design and lived in New York for five years, spending time in the art scene there. He used to paint subjectively before finding his stride in abstraction. 

“It requires participation of the viewer a little bit more,” Steve says. “They’re more imaginative and you can participate with what’s going on on the canvas. When I started painting abstract, what I found was, when people looked at them, they would discover things I hadn’t thought about.” 

This will be Steve’s first solo show. In total, he will be showcasing 62 pieces, and only three have been shown before at other shows. The pieces will be divided into three series: Target, Sky Burial and Roatan. His show will run into December.

“I’ve never seen any of the series put together. My own studio isn’t large enough for me to put all these out and look at them all together, so that’s exciting for me,” Steve says. 

Gallery C is located at 66 East Cuyahoga Falls Ave. in North Hill and is open daily from 1-6 pm.

Jarett Theberge is a journalism student at Kent State University.

Photo used with permission from Doreen Vanchoff-Caler.