The Lowsiders to release debut album ‘Can’t Stop the World from Spinning’ Aug. 24

by Brittany Nader

The Lowsiders, a three-piece psych-blues band from Akron, will release their debut, full-length album on August 24. Can’t Stop the World from Spinning contains 10 tracks of gritty rock ‘n’ roll soaked in kerosene, driven by hypnotic backbeats and drenched in cinematic tones. 

The trio teased four of the album’s tracks earlier this year on its EP, Extended Play, and dropped the singles “Revolutions” and “Disney Girl” this summer. The six additional tracks alternate between original songs by Nathan Edmunds (lead vocalist and guitar) and Matt Warner (bass, guitar and vocals).

While The Lowsiders’ EP served as a preview of the psychedelic, ‘60s-era rock the group undoubtedly captures on their full-length release, the full-length contains an interesting emergence of ‘90s emo and math rock elements, particularly on Warner’s song “Half of It.” As the fifth track on the album, it steers the band’s sound away from the blend of mid-century American blues and British Invasion pop rock to a production style nostalgic for listeners who grew up on ‘90s alt rock.

“I Hope You’re Happy,” another Warner-penned track, carefully introduces the ‘60s Brit-pop vibes back into the album’s sound, making it fit in nicely with Edmunds’ psych-rock originals. “End Times, Pt. 2” features Edmunds’ raspy vocals, telling a story that reminds the listener of the wise, weathered regular customer chain-smoking and leering outside their corner store. 

“Tradition” ventures into the dreamy, neo-psychedelia realm, weaving the blues into a more atmospheric direction. The track calls to mind visuals of a trippy movie scene with slow-motion shots of long-haired headbanging, accented by disorienting strobe lights. This vintage aesthetic was surely a deliberate choice by Edmunds, who interestingly concludes the album with “Pay The Man,” which seems to finally fuse his and Warner’s distinct styles together.

“Disney Girl” is a standout on the album and was also featured on Akron Recording Company’s “Where the Hell is Akron, OH Vol. 2” compilation, where the track fits in nicely among tunes by Akron rockers Time Cat, Oregon Space Trail of Doom and The Beyonderers. The garage-rock guitars and revved-up rhythm section are begging to be blasted out of car stereos. Better yet, The Lowsiders plan to release Can’t Stop the World from Spinning on vinyl this fall, entreating listeners to groove to the record on the format where it truly belongs.

With this release, The Lowsiders showcase distinct blues and heartland rock ‘n’ roll elements of their songwriting, while experimenting with tone, harmonies and the production style of another decade. 

The trio will perform their new songs live at an album release event August 24, accompanied by Time Cat and See Creatures, at the Rialto Theatre in Kenmore. Music starts at 8 pm. The album will be available to stream or purchase on CD at local record stores the same day.

/Album Cover.jpg: The Lowsiders Can’t Stop the World from Spinning album cover. Used with permission.