Rubber City Rocks | United Disability Services fundraiser at Spins Bowl Akron

by Paul Treen

Hello Akronites!

In May, I reviewed Spins Bowl Akron, which is a really fun place. The Akron chapter of United Disability Services held their July fundraiser there and I was invited to cover the event!  

I’m here to spread the word that United Disability Services serves over 1,000 people in the Akron area in its All-Star Training Club, and tell you how you can get involved. The event was an amazing night of bowling, games, contests, trivia games, word puzzles and more.  

Davey and I hit the arcade with our game pass that was included in the fundraiser registration.  We met Amy and Christine who where playing Connect 4 Basketball and they said they were super glad to be part of the fundraiser because there were always sports involved. A lot of people were enjoying themselves bowling and having pizza, pop and a whole table of appetizers. They had trivia contests, hula-hooping, wacky-style bowling and even a contest for best team name. (My team name, The Alley Cats, won!) 

UDS has The All-Star Training Club that provides sports and recreational activities for people of all abilities, including those with slight disabilities to the most severe. The All-Star Training Club has training sessions that are several weeks in length featuring flag football, youth cross country, volleyball, basketball, bowling, cornhole, soccer, track and field, gymnastics, golf, bocce, coach pitch kickball, and Special Olympics events at various times in the upcoming year for people around the Akron area. Go to for more information. 

Back to the fundraiser and why it was so fun… We each received swag bags with blimp-shaped chocolate, mints, pretzels, and a name tag, which was awesome!  We entered to win one of many awesome raffle baskets. Davey and I bowled and had a great time in the arcade. I met a kid named Rydell (who goes to my school but whom I hadn’t met before), who said he wasn’t doing well at bowling, but was still having a good time. He and his brother also had fun at the arcade playing basketball, foosball and hockey. Davey and I had a blast playing Space Invaders on a massive screen. We won a bunch of tickets for prizes, but decided to give our prize tickets to the little kids next to us, and they got a huge blow-up ball. The wacky bowling was silly with people bowling between each other’s legs, spinning around before bowling and even bowling backwards!

Here are ways to get in touch with UDS to support their amazing, inclusive activities for every Akronite: 

To volunteer: Jayme Romanchuk, 330-762-9755,

Program Information: Dan Lancianese, 330-352-5602,

Registration Information: Leah Ochsenhirt, 330-762-9755 ex. 233,

Till next month, 

Paul Treen