The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Bob’s Pizza

by Thomas Kellar, Akron Pizza Task Force

This month the Akron Pizza Task Force visited Bob’s Pizza & Drive Thru in Randolph. None of the task force had ever had Bob’s Pizza before, but one of our followers on Twitter (@AkronPizza) suggested it for our next review and we were excited to try it.

Each member of the task force visited the pizza shop individually and then met up to discuss what we liked. We agreed that the staff was very friendly and the wait times on the pizzas were not long. What makes Bob’s Pizza particularly convenient is that they have seating inside and they have a drive-thru, so that you don’t even have to get out of your car to get your order.

Bob’s offers ice cream, fried chicken, sandwiches and beer. They also make their own sodas. I tried the strawberry soda, which was very tasty.

Pizza Breakdown

Crust: Bob’s offers both traditional crust and thin crust. We were all satisfied with the taste of the crust. On my pizza, however, the crust wasn’t cut all the way through, which affected my cheese pull.

Sauce: We all tried the traditional sauce and agreed that both the generosity and taste were up to par. Bob’s also offers a white pizza sauce made with garlic butter and parmesan cheese.

Toppings: There are a variety of toppings on the menu at Bob’s. The task force agreed that all the toppings that we tried were delicious. The generosity of toppings on each slice of pizza is also great. I only had their pepperoni but they also offer most standard pizza toppings as well. Some unique toppings you can request are salami, anchovies and jalapeños.

Leftovers: The reheat-ability of the pizza was rated average among the task force. Everyone agreed that the pizza was much better fresh out of the oven.  

The Final Slice

Cheese Pull: The cheese at Bob’s Pizza tasted very good but the cheese pull wasn’t as great. My pizza not being cut all the way through did affect my personal pull.

$$$: The pizza at Bob’s is affordable, with a small 6-inch cheese pizza starting at $4.39 and a large 12-inch cheese pizza starting at $8.99. I tried a large pepperoni pizza which came to a total of $9.99.

Atmosphere: Bob’s offers both dine in and carry-out. The carry-out having a drive thru makes it very convenient for customers who are just passing through. The staff is also very friendly which makes the overall experience quite satisfying.

Pizza: I would definitely head back to Bob’s Pizza again. It’s a great pizza place for both family and friends. Next time I visit I plan on trying some of their other menu items as well. Hopefully they will taste as good as their pizza!

Rating: Out of 10 slices, the Akron Pizza Task Force rates this pizza joint 7 slices.

Bob’s Pizza
1539 OH-44, Randolph, OH 44265
Open Hours:
Monday thru Thursday 6:30 am – 9 pm
Friday and Saturday 6:30 am – 10 pm
Sunday 7:30 am – 9 pm

The Akron Pizza Task Force is Laura Brink, Alexis Cunningham, Thomas Kellar, Paige Locy and Cole Shupe. They are students (and some recent graduates) of the University of Akron. Follow them on Twitter at @AkronPizza.