PHOTOS: Farewell, Crest Bakery

words and photographs by Charlotte Gintert

It’s just a little after 6:30 am at the Crest Bakery and the sun is starting to rise over North Hill. There’s a steady stream of folks coming and going from the landmark bakery this morning. Some are regulars. Some made a special trip to say goodbye before it closes its doors for good in the coming weeks.

The case isn’t as well stocked as it used to be. The shelves for bread and noodles are mostly empty. However, Crest employees Barbara Collett and Linda Bailey hold forth at the counter, same as always. They’re filling boxes with pastries and chatting with the customers.

One customer shares that he’s been coming here as long as he could remember. He used the first $8 he made as kid to buy one their cakes.

Another customer came down from Hudson to pick up as many of the house pastries as he could. He is originally from North Hill and still comes to the bakery regularly. The Cherry Cups were worth the trip.

Others spoke of the cakes; Crest was once the go-to bakery in Akron to get your wedding cake.

For Barbara and Linda, they will miss the customers most of all. Some have been coming regularly for over 20 years. “We’ve met so many nice people here. It breaks my heart that I won’t get to see them anymore,” says Barbara.

It’s hard to imagine the neighborhood without the bakery. It has been a fixture of North Main Street since 1939. For many, it was a part of the weekly routine. For others, it was a special treat.

Farewell, Crest Bakery. On behalf of Akron, thank you for all the cherry cups, creme sticks, wedding cakes, and, most of all, the generations of memories.

Barbara Collett, an employee of the Crest Bakery for 8 years, presents a box of pecan pastries. (Photo: Charlotte Gintert/Captured Glimpses)

Empty shelves at Crest Bakery. (Photo: Charlotte Gintert/Captured Glimpses)

The Crest Bakery. It will be closing its doors soon after 80 years in business. (Photo: Charlotte Gintert/Captured Glimpses)

The cases of the bakery were once filled with pastries, buns, and cookies. Now, the stock is kept low due to the impending closure and dwindling sales. (Photo: Charlotte Gintert/Captured Glimpses)

A tray of fresh cinnamon buns straight out of the oven. (Photo: Charlotte Gintert/Captured Glimpses)

The fate of the iconic Crest sign after the closure is unknown. (Photo: Charlotte Gintert/Captured Glimpses)