Rubber City Rocks | Full Grip Games and Spins Bowl Akron

by Paul Treen

Hello Akronites!

I am back, and I have just had spring break, so I spent a day around town. So here it goes…

No. 1: Full Grip Games

A store downtown on Market Street. They rent and sell board games. They have tables so you can play in the store for free! They also have weekly or biweekly (I forget) meetings to play a role playing game called Magic: The Gathering. I got a starter pack for it and I am trying to learn the rules. Overall, five stars.

No. 2: Spins Bowl Akron

This place is on Waterloo Road in Springfield and is awesome! Daily from nine to noon, they have $2 games. They also have an arcade; a shop to buy balls, shoes, and towels; vending machines; and a snack bar. At the lanes you can select a theme. Davey and I couldn’t agree on disco or retro, and Davey won. The disco dances were inappropriate. Next time we’ll do retro. On the bright side, I won two out of three games! 4.5 stars.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s issue and I’ll see you next month.


Paul Treen

Full Grip Games
121 East Market Street, Akron
Open 12 pm – 10 pm daily

Spins Bowl Akron
2911 East Waterloo Road, Akron
Open 8 am – midnight Sunday – Thursday and 8 am – 2 am Friday and Saturday