Urine Luck | South Point Tavern

by Emily Dressler

I found the butts, er, I mean, best bar bathroom in Akron. South Point, which classifies itself as a tavern, packs a lot into the small space it occupies on West Market Street in Wallhaven. I ordered a drink with egg white in it and I didn’t puke or wish I had a beer instead. If you’re curious, it was a Pisco Sour and it was great.  

My sister has been telling me about South Point, and their bathroom artwork, for a while now, and like everything my sister tells me, I had been ignoring her.

After finishing my egg white concoction, I made my way to the restrooms at the back of the bar. There’s one door marked “exit” and an unmarked door next to it. A print of a bicycle hangs above the unmarked door. Maybe that’s code for “bathrooms this way.” Or maybe it said “Bathrooms.” The truth is, I couldn’t tell because all that egg white went to my head. My sister told me where to go.

I like that the bathrooms are in their own hallway. That type of separation is good for such a small bar. But it’s still close enough that if you had to yell for help, someone at the bar would likely hear you. (Totally normal to worry about this stuff, I think.)

South Point has a men’s room and a women’s room, both single-occupancy. The women’s room has superb decor. Two pictures compete for attention without clashing aesthetically. The first is a bare-chested man, mostly hidden in shadows and muscles. I can’t tell what his hand is doing. The next is a row of men pushing a car, or maybe they are just showing off their butts, which are covered in dusty looking short shorts. Go ahead, ogle.

I wanted to ask the bartender about the men’s room artwork, but I was worried about sounding like a pervert bathroom freak and also didn’t want to deal with the dismay of remembering that objectification goes both ways. Can someone check out the men’s room and then report back, please?

After admiring the art, I looked around for a purse hook but didn’t see one. Instead, there’s a half-moon shaped glass table. The table has some fake flowers and other decorative stuff that I generally classify as “funeral home decor.” It was nice and didn’t look dusty, so I’m not letting it take away from the art.

On another wall, stenciled letters read “Different is beautiful.” This, too, is unexpected. I, of course, already know the truth about the nuances of beauty, but it’s nice to know that some bathroom designers feel the same way.

Next to the toilet is a brass grab bar that matches the other hardware and fixtures. It’s a nice touch. Before I left, I replaced the now-finished toilet paper roll because I am a model customer. The extra rolls were under the sink.

This bathroom is clean, spacious, and has the best art around. South Point Tavern gets 5/5 toilets.

Emily has been writing about Akron bathrooms for the Devil Strip since 2015.