The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Rocco’s

by Laura Brink, Akron Pizza Task Force

APTF recently visited Rocco’s Pizza Shop, which gives off a mom-and-pop pizza shop vibe. When you enter the Cuyahoga Falls restaurant, there is counter to order your food and a small dining area. Everyone else who entered the restaurant when we were there took food to go.

Our members ordered four types of pizza. The time it took for the food to be prepared was typical for a pizza shop, which was about 25 minutes. The employees were friendly and attentive.

The Foundation

Crust: Rocco’s Pizza had a thinner crust that wasn’t quite “thin crust.” It had a crisp crunch to the outside while remaining soft and chewy on the inside. Not only was the texture of it great, but the taste was amazing!

Sauce: There was a low quantity of sauce on each pizza, but none of us were upset about it. The sauce was tasty, but nothing extraordinary.

Toppings: The toppings are what made Rocco’s pizza. Everyone in our group enjoyed the cheese they used. It was high-quality and delicious. They put a hefty amount of cheese on their pizzas, but not so much that it was heavy.  

The other toppings were also high-quality and generously distributed on the pizzas. Rocco’s did not have a huge variety of toppings, but enough that you could change the toppings each time you went. They also have a few specialty pizzas, too. Prepare for onions if you order the white pizza.

Leftovers: Some of the Pizza Task Force ordered smalls, which were personal-sized – 4 small slices, while others ordered large, which served two or three people. The leftover-ability was good. It still tasted great even after being reheated.

The Final Slice

Pizza: Rocco’s pizza has a great in essence. Each part of the pizza had great flavor. The only part of the pie that is slightly lackluster is the sauce. The pizzas were the perfect temperature when served and tasted incredible.

Cheese Pull: The cheese pull was better on the small pizzas than the large. Despite the difference, all our pizzas looked nice. We give this cheese pull a 9/10.

Pricing: The pricing was average for a mom and pop pizza shop. The pies were more expensive than a national chain, but definitely reasonable for the superior quality. A small cheese pizza is $5.75, a large is $9.25, and an extra large is $13.75.

Rating: Our final rating for Rocco’s Pizza is 9/10 slices. A member of the Task Force mentioned that the dining area would be great for high school sweethearts on a date. Rocco’s also provides a great atmosphere for friends and family. If you want to try a new place to switch up your routine, Rocco’s is the way to go.

Rocco’s Pizza Shop
1053 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls
Open 11 am-10 pm Sunday-Thursday and 11 am-11 pm Friday-Saturday

The Akron Pizza Task Force is Laura Brink, Alexis Cunningham, Thomas Kellar, Paige Locy and Cole Shupe. They are students at the University of Akron. Follow them on Twitter at @AkronPizza.