Rubber City Rocks | Toyz and Noize

Hello Akronites! This marks one year of me, Paul Treen, writing for our imperfectly perfect town, Akron!

A few months ago, my mom and I were walking around Ellet on Canton Road just north of Albrecht Avenue. I found a small place with a robot in the window and it said “Toyz and Noize.” I checked their hours, and… I was too early. #$%@****! So my mom said we will come back later. We went to the Bomb Shelter, the Akron Art Museum, Rubber City Comics, the Main Library and Sweet Mary’s Bakery. It was a great day to be a kid in Akron! But we got back just a little too late and missed Toyz and Noize.  

On Presidents Day weekend, Dad decided to take me up to Toyz and Noize to get the scoop. We parked the car behind the building, and I saw a big staircase with a sign that said “Toyz and Noize entrance.” As I was halfway up the stairs, a lady drove by. She asked us if I was heading to the toy store. I said yes. She said her husband owned the store and they had gotten a new floor in the building and they would reopen in a week. I told her I worked for The Devil Strip and she told me I could check out the place. (It’s awesome to be a TDS contributor!)  

The first things to catch my eye were some 1980s action figures. Then I saw some records, comic books and some videos. I came in a little closer and noticed something: ALL the items were vintage! Could this day get any better?! The guy working there told me I could look around, even though they weren’t open due to the floor being replaced. I saw a Black Keys poster from who knows when, Blues Brothers action figures, Beatles bobbleheads, a Bruce Springsteen album and a lot of Funko Pops. If you’re into that stuff, you should check it out!

Overall I enjoyed the place, and I will be there again soon, maybe as you read this!

Till then,

Paul Treen

A.K.A the Akron Avenger, the rubber guy who is not so flexible, the Dum Dum sucker (hey, did you know those were invented in Akron?)… the list of nicknames goes on and on.

Toyz and Noize
644 Canton Road, Akron, OH
Open 11 am – 7 pm Tuesday through Friday and 11 am – 5 pm Saturday.
Closed Sunday and Monday.