Urine Luck | The Family Lounge at Summit Mall

by Marissa Marangoni

There aren’t many things in this world that are cuter than a mini toilet. Maybe it’s because I have a child who can use one, but I am pretty sure that if I’d ever observed one in the wild prior to motherhood, I would have felt the same way. If you need to take your kid to the bathroom at Summit Mall, the family lounge may be one of the most well-equipped spaces to do so.

Inside the main entrance to the right of the food court, you will find a number of gumball and candy machines to derail your child on their way to the potty. If you get past those, there is the women’s bathroom, the men’s bathroom, and the family bathroom.

Most of the family bathrooms I have used since having a child seem to be classified as “family” bathrooms because of an increase in space and a guaranteed changing table. They usually do not contain stalls, so you can close the door and lock it behind you without worrying that anyone is going to witness your two-year-old spraying pee over all of the surfaces that are possible to spray pee on. (Don’t worry, I always clean up.) Aside from the extra space and changing table, there really isn’t anything different about most family bathrooms.

Except, as you’ve probably already guessed, at Summit Mall.

This family bathroom isn’t just a bathroom. It’s called a lounge, after all. Upon entering, you walk into a room that leads to the bathrooms — yes, bathrooms plural. This first room isn’t just a waiting room, like most bathroom entries. It’s a place of life and leisure. There are toys, a little table with chairs, and a very comfortable La-Z-Boy-style chair for nursing moms. The chair even has a curtain that can be pulled around it for privacy.  

If you’re just looking for a place to poop, there’s an adult bathroom with adult-sized equipment and a child bathroom with child-sized equipment, including a sink that kids can reach and operate on their own. Both of the bathrooms were clean and pleasant with just enough decor to be interesting. Most places seem to find it challenging to decorate a child-centered space, so they end up looking like Crayola threw up everywhere. Summit Mall managed to make the Lounge appealing to kids, but tastefully so.

The only thing I’d change about this bathroom is to put an adult-sized toilet in the kid bathroom. Hear me out. If you have a little kid and you have to go to the bathroom, you have to take them into the bathroom with you. An adult does not want to use a child-sized toilet — but the novelty of such a thing, and the fact that it allows a kid more independence, makes the child bathroom in the Lounge an obvious choice. Add an adult toilet, and then there’s no reason to have to switch rooms for both parties to do their business. It could even happen at the same time. That way, the kid doesn’t have to wait around in the adult bathroom and make all those really honest comments or ask those really fun questions while the adult is peeing.

All in all, the family lounge at Summit Mall is a great bathroom space for all your toileting needs. 4.5/5 toilets.

Marissa Marangoni has been writing for the Devil Strip since 2015.