The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Lembo’s

by Cole Shupe, Akron Pizza Task Force

This month, the Akron Pizza Task Force went to Lembo’s Italian Restaurant in Springfield Township, just outside Ellet.

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who seated us at a comfortable booth. The inside of the restaurant is traditionally styled and gives off a family-friendly feel to newcomers. For those who need their meal on the go, Lembo’s also has a drive-thru option.

The menu was full of delicious Italian dishes, including pastas and sandwiches. Our team ordered two pizzas: the Meat Lover’s Combo and an Olive and Onion pizza.

Crust: The crust was nicely seasoned and had the perfect amount of crispiness. The main part of the crust had just the right amount of thickness, and the outer part of the crust had just the right amount of puffiness.

Sauce: Similar to the crust, the beautiful red sauce was traditionally seasoned and tasted deliciously fresh. The sauce evenly covered the entire pizza with just the right amount of generosity.

Toppings: Our entire team agreed that Lembo’s has delicious toppings that are liberally spread on the pizza. The Meat Lover’s Combo Pizza had a delicious mix of pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, bacon and ground beef. All of the meats were perfectly cooked, deliciously juicy and arranged in just the right proportions. The Olive and Onion pizza was perfectly topped throughout the entire dish.

Leftovers: While the leftover slices did not taste quite as good as they did in the restaurant, the reheat quality of the pizza is still much better than average.

The Final Slice

Pizza: Overall, Lembo’s makes delicious pizza that is sure to please even the toughest pizza critics. The crust, sauce and toppings are some of the best that the Task Force has tasted so far. Even the reheat quality, while not perfect, is among the best the team has tasted.

Cheese pull: Of course, the cheese pull is the Task Force’s favorite part of any pizza! Lembo’s does not disappoint in this area – multiple strings of delicious cheese formed when we pulled a slice away from the pizza.

$$$: High quality pizza doesn’t come cheap! A small traditional pizza starts at $7.20, and some XL pizzas cost up to $23.20. Extra toppings are an additional $0.50 per topping.

Atmosphere: Lembo’s has a traditional sit-down dining area where you can order several other Italian dishes and sides. For adventurous diners, the restaurant also offers a salad bar and pizza bar. Our team thinks that Lembo’s is a great place for families, adults and movie-and-dinner dates.

Rating: Out of 10 slices, the Task Force gave Lembo’s 9 slices.

The Akron Pizza Task Force is Joni Allen, Adam Biats, Laura Brink, Michael Ciavarella, Alexis Cunningham, Gracie Davis, Umuhawa Kamara, Thomas Kellar, Paige Locy, Kaley Pedulla, Victoria Shaffer, Cole Shupe, Tyra Tolton and Qiana Washington. They are students at the University of Akron. Follow them on Twitter at @AkronPizza.