The Akron Pizza Task Force visits Guiseppe’s

by Paige Locy, Akron Pizza Task Force

This month, the Akron Pizza Task Force went to Guiseppe’s in Green.

When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly cashier and a generous menu. Pizza sizes range from a mini 6-inch pizza, to a jumbo, 14-inch pizza. The toppings offered are quite extensive, and if you don’t want to build your own, there are a variety of specialty pizzas. 

We ordered cheese, barbeque chicken, pepperoni, meat lovers, veggie and a pineapple pizza. No one ordered anything gluten-free, but there is a sizable gluten-free menu available.

After ordering, we went into the dining room to seat ourselves. Decorated with sketches of the founders and forebears, the small, cozy dining room invited us in. Soon, we realized why the dining area is so small: The phone was constantly ringing and most customers were just picking up orders. 

It’s a Take-Home Pizza Party

Crust: Traditional pan and thin are the crust options. Both satisfied the Pizza Task Force.

Sauce: Guiseppe’s has an assortment of sauces to choose from. Traditional red, garlic & olive oil, spicy red sauce, buffalo or BBQ can be added to any pizza. Each slice had a pleasant amount of sauce on it.

Toppings: There is a large variety of toppings offered here, so it is easy to create a personalized pizza. The toppings are adequately put on the pizza so that most bites are full of the flavor you want.

Leftovers: The reheat-ability of Guiseppe’s is top of the line. Although it tasted good fresh, Guiseppe’s is the perfect pizza to save in the refrigerator and put into the microwave the next day.

The Final Slice

Pizza: After eating our first bites, we agreed that Guiseppe’s is the perfect pizza to order out and eat at home, either as a quick family dinner or for a party. It is definitely better than the average take-out pizza. 

Cheese Pull: The cheese pull is our favorite part of every pizza experience, but unfortunately Guiseppe’s left us unimpressed. But never fear — we consider ourselves a fair, reasonable group of judges and rate our pizza on more than just a cheese pull. 

$: The price of a Guiseppe’s pizza is definitely reasonable, with a small starting at $5.60 and a small specialty pizza at $8. Additional toppings average 50 cents each.

Atmosphere: The dining area of Guiseppe’s is a small room with a few tables. There are cute, unique pencil drawings of the founders and other important figures in the history of Guiseppe’s lining the wall. The dining room is mostly a waiting room for when you do not order pizza ahead.

Rating: On a 10 slice scale, we give Guiseppe’s 7 slices. 

The Akron Pizza Task Force is Joni Allen, Adam Biats, Laura Brink, Michael Ciavarella, Alexis Cunningham, Gracie Davis, Umuhawa Kamara, Thomas Kellar, Paige Locy, Kaley Pedulla, Victoria Shaffer, Cole Shupe, Tyra Tolton and Qiana Washington. They are students at the University of Akron. Follow them on Twitter at @AkronPizza.