In her first children’s book, Morgin Renee helps kids get ready for Halloween


by Courtney Malita

Morgin Renee, a first-time author and Akronite, recently published “Getting Ready for Halloween.” The spooky tale tells of carving pumpkins, filling candy jars, preparing trick-or-treat bags, and ghostly characters preparing to scare children during the Halloween season.

Morgin grew up in Barberton and Akron. She joined the Army after high school, then began a career in the medical field. Morgin is now back at the University of Akron pursuing a degree in biology. With her degree, she hopes to pursue her dream of traveling around the world to spend time in animal sanctuaries and orphanages.

While in the routine of working a steady day job, Morgin felt like she wanted to pursue much more in life. Writing a children’s book was on her list. She always had a love for children’s books and always enjoyed reading to the children she has cared for. Morgin says she found herself enjoying children’s books as much as kids did.

For her first book, she chose a Halloween theme, because she very much loves the holiday.

The story isn’t so much about us as humans preparing for Halloween season, Morgin says, but the characters — which are the skeletons, witches, werewolves, zombies, mummies, rats, scarecrows, goblins and pumpkins. They are the ones getting ready, preparing the holiday for us to enjoy.

When Morgin submitted her work to Page Publishing, they accepted it right away. The New York City-based company receives 8,000 submissions a month, so Morgin was very grateful to get her work accepted on the first try.

She plans on doing more writing in the future, especially more children’s books, and she already has some ideas in the making.

When Morgin received the physical copy of the book, she says it was a surreal moment.

When asked if she had any advice for aspiring writers, Morgin answered, “Just do it, because you never know until you try, and to fail is to not try at all. If you do something and it doesn’t work out, keep trying.”

Book signing with Morgin Renee

Snowball Bookshop

564 W Tuscarawas Ave # 102, Barberton

October 20th, 1pm-2:30pm